Marathon 2: Durandal's Gambit
durandal, gambit, core, homeworld, durandal's gambit


flying monsters coming up through the floor
flying monsters dying in mid-air
prevent player passing down through floor
screen fades don't work in 16-bit or Valkyrie mixed-mode
there is still a network sync error on unreliable transport mediums (i.e., bridges)
can't reincarnate after dying on some platforms or being squished by others
ye olde object sort order bug
//player can pick up anything on total carnage


large landscape textures
transparent sides
sides have "dark" bit
side_texture_definition structures have their own lightsource index
ceilings/floors have x,y-origin and 90° rotation bit
//optional 16-bit source art


predictable appearance of computer interface (with frame) during full-screen mode
timer during game/replay (also makes clear when a game is being recorded)
circular energy/oxygen graphs
level name, player name in interface


weapon powerups (one for each weapon)
one-use oxygen/energy canister items (oxygen is always x1, energy is x1, x2, x3)
drop shafts
transparent sides are impassable


projectile/projectile collisions
projectile ricochets for narrow angles of incidence
player firing guided projectiles
_pass_transparent_side, _sometimes_pass_transparent_side flags


different PICT logon/logoff symbols (durandal, tycho, pfhor, s'pht)
multiple checkpoints with identical numbers all displayed (averages x,y to get origin)
different colored text, as $R $r (etc.)
ability to add ‘$' symbol to text
PICTs/moov instead of checkpoints (resource number follows; "#movie <resource_id>")
checkpoints associated with # text block, not globally
bug: hangs if file doesn't end with a <cr>


//dynamic stereo tracking
//real pitch control for sounds

MEDIA (e.g., water, lava, slime)

//flying monsters, projectiles, etc. must (can) treat media boundaries as the floor
//projectile splashes //media can cause damage


//four variable i=f(t) functions: on/off (cyclic functions), turning on/off (delta functions)
//variables: on/off intensity, periods for each function
//as platforms, there exist a number of default types


more obvious evidence that only new games can be recorded (active timer)
double-clicking on a replay starts it
version numbers in replays


choose one or more physics models before each network game
open stream model? (modem, internet, etc.)
network stats during game
network games (kill the wabbit, king of the hill, flag rally)
co-operative level-switching romp through single player levels (?)


rapid-fire (fire right left repeat) bug
grenades not loading until 2nd trigger hit bug
most of the projectiles are coming out too high (esp. flamethrower, fusion bolt)
teleporting up/down the screen while switching weapons bug
shell casing graphics: shotgun, pistol; sound: assault rifle

Fist Magnum (2-fisted)
Assault Rifle (2nd trigger grenades)
Fusion Pistol (2nd trigger charged blast)
Shotgun (with 2nd trigger melee attack)
Rocket Launcher (2nd trigger ?)
Flamethrower (2nd trigger ?)
Alien weapon (automatic, large horizontal spread, 2nd trigger for jet-assisted jumping)
S'pht Disruptor (fast fusion gun, passes through targets with showers of sparks)


sparse physics model
includes item placement information (overrides map)
integration with map file format? (generic override format for any map fields)
file type which is added into the resource chain
in preferences, select main sounds, music, maps, shapes
in preferences, enable/disable extensions
drag-and-drop or double-click to open sounds, music, maps, shapes, extensions


initally invisible, teleport in when activated (with random delay; won't appear on monsters)
_monster_waits_with_clear_shot flag for angry bobs
barrels as monsters, exploding and flying to the ceiling
monster which "dies" and then comes back, unless the flamethrower is used
//kill_sound for monsters whose target just died
special floating shapes for floating monsters (i.e., trooper)


//invisible items are made to teleport in when triggered by a "teleport item trigger"


??16-bit plates with multiple color tables- how?
extraction of color table information
support for animation loop frames
static sound popup menu (inability to play sounds)


dropping lightsources by surface in visual mode; toggling "dark" bit for sides
top-dropping lightsources modifies side lightsources in the way the marathon 1 renderer used to calculate at run-time
placing transparent sides
ceilings/floors can drag; must be able to set 90° rotation bit
ability to place "inactive" (i.e., invisible) monsters, items
ability to set z-values for objects
CMD+,- to zoom top-down view
"don't match-flood" modifier key; corollary: there are many matching bugs with split sides
clicking on oblique surfaces doesn't usually texture what you'd expect
new lightsource dialog
for lights and platforms: ability to choose a new default type without slamming values