The impromptu Marathon LAN party. Thanks to Chris Barker <> for the pic.

While Myth 2 was being played on Neutral Grounds' PC network Phil "MCD" Saulnier brought along his G4 and set up Marathon LAN network with the help of some friends.

Clockwise around the table: A PC monitor connected to Phil's G4, Jon Chang (designer of the Marathon's Story shirt and maintainer of DEHc-3 HALO), "Cryptochrome", Claude Errera (owner and maintainer of the franchise), Mike Gilley (Mike Watson's friend), Daniel "Lacrymosa" Chace (ex. admin and all around friendly guy), Cpt. Sqweky (full name unknown), David "Narcogen" Josselyn (no one gets passed this guy without signing in... err... get back to the sign-in desk Dave!), the ultra-suave Robert "Cannibal Harry" Boggs, and Chris Barker's Powerbook.

If you can identify the names of the other players please send them in. Thanks.

You might note that the ultra-cool Marathon's Story page t-shirt matches the Apple Powerbook look. :-)