From: (Erik Giberson)
Subject: Marathon and Aliens
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Date: Tue, 20 Dec 1994 10:05:01 GMT
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        With all of the comments regarding sounds from Aliens for 
Marathon, weapons from Aliens for Marathon, features from Aliens used in 
Marathon, etc etc etc, I decided to watch the movie again to see what new 
insights could be gained. Couple of interesting points:

- Those of you who are trying to make Aliens sound files for Marathon, how 
about putting in Aliens-type doors? If you're having trouble isolating 
the door sound from Aliens, exactly the same sound was used for the doors 
in every episode of The Prisoner (where the Aliens folks managed to 
dredge it up after 20 years I will never know).

- I'd agreed with some of the posters regarding new weapons on Marathon 
that a shotgun was not "futuristic" enough. But lo and behold, after they 
confiscate the 10mm explosive shells in the movie, Hicks reaches into 
his backpack and pulls out....a shotgun. Guess there's some intangible 
appeal to cocking the thing.....

- The portable cannon that Vasquez carries is non-bulky (compared to, 
say, the Marathon MA-75), accurate, *and* powerful. Hope the Bungie folks 
took note....

- How 'bout them explosive shells?

- Last, though not dealing with Aliens, another weapon for the wish list:

Phased Plasma Rifle in the 40-watt range

(A Cyberdyne unit to handle it wouldn't be bad either => )


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