The v1.1 Updater contains a number of bug-fixes and enhancements for the release version of Marathon. This updater may be distributed freely.

Replays were really meant to be used with network games, and strange results sometimes occur when trying to do replays of single player games. This has not changed. The only way to record a single-player game is to choose the "Begin Game" option from the main menu; games restored from disk will *not* be recorded.

Below is a possibly incomplete list of bug-fixes and improvements which were made to Marathon v1.1:

BUGS ------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • The "Quadra 630 Acceleration" preferences option has been fixed and renamed "Use Hardware Acceleration". Quadra 630, Performa 630, etc. users should enable this option for better speed and visuals. Additionally, this option will now work for 630 users with Apple PowerPC upgrades.

  • Two-player network games with ARA are now possible. Unfortunately even with 14.4k modems between '040 machines ARA's CPU load is so heavy that the game becomes extremely slow. We realize this is one of the most awaited changes in v1.1 and that many people will be disappointed by its performance; we are investigating direct modem-to-modem play for future products, but such a patch will *not* be released for Marathon.

  • The "A" key will always work now. We swear.

  • Players can now leave network games without throwing them out-of-sync.

  • Some Ram Doubler conflicts were identified and fixed.

  • Sometimes changing bit depths or monitors didn't take effect until quitting and relaunching Marathon; this has been fixed.

  • Mouse control will no longer occasionally refuse to decline below -15. To accomplish this, the mouse driver was totally rewritten and may not work like you remember (sorry). If you're having trouble with the new mouse control, try lowering your mouse speed from the "Mouse" (or "Trackpad") Control Panel.

  • On 12" monitors, 640x400 PowerBooks, etc., the Setup Keys dialog no longer appears with the "OK" button off the screen.

    ENHANCEMENTS ---------------------------------------------------------------

  • Millions of colors is now an option; check out the smooth lighting effects if you've got the hardware (and about 15M RAM).

  • Slightly faster rendering code.

  • All keyboard controls now work while mouse control is active (turn left/right, look up/down, recenter, etc.)