From: (Thomas Samson)
Subject: Re: Marathon 1.1 mouse control
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 1995 21:13:44 -0800
Organization: San Francisco State University
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In article <>, (Stephen Jonke) wrote:

> I'm afraid I have to agree with those that have panned the 1.1 update to
> Marathon.  In most respects it's a good upgrade, but in one BIG respect it
> isn't.  Mouse control is completely ruined.  After a while I figured out
> exactly what they had changed.  If you move the mouse and then lift it up
> (something which is a very normal thing to do), as long as the mouse is in
> the air and not on the table you will continue to rotate at whatever speed
> you were rotating when you lifted the mouse up!  In fact, you can move the
> mouse, lift and hold it up and your spin around endlessly.  The end result
> is that you end up turning much farther then you intended.  This would be
> something you could get use to, I suppose, except that because it only
> happens when you lift the mouse and since you don't always lift the mouse
> (only for farther movements which, not coincidentally, exaggerate the
> problem) it ends up occuring sporadically, but often.  This inconsistency
> makes it extremely difficult to get use to.
> So, the point is, has anyone gotten word from Bungie on whether they will
> be releasing a new updater that fixes this problem?  I would settle even
> for them to go back to the old mouse driver with the look down bug as it
> was much, much less of problem.  The really awful thing is that all the
> other changes in version 1.1 are great, especially the millions of colors
> option.  Argh!  Anyway, I have opted to trash my 1.1 version and go back
> to version 1.0.  The game is very enjoyable in that version, but being
> teased with 1.1 is agonizing!  :-(

 In version 1.2 which is currently being beta tested the mouse control is
much less sensitive, but it still behaves very similarly to 1.1. I've
asked Bungie why they simply can't go back to 1.0's mouse control but I
haven't gotten a reply yet.
 Also fixed in 1.2 is the Thousands of colors option for 68k Macs, and
some other things that you guys will find out about soon enough.