Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 09:07:15 UTC
Local: Sat, Feb 18 1995 9:07am
Subject: Marathon Demo: Small secret

OK, this isn't exactly a secret, but I haven't seen it documented yet, so 
I thought I'll just post it here. My apologies if it's been stated 
before, or if it's too trivial. :)

Anyway, you know those ledges near the ending of "Bigger Guns Nearby ?" The 
ones where the compilers drop down from when you pass by under? Well, I 
was playing that level with a cheater (missile launcher & invincibility 
shield...OK, so I was bored) and I found that I could blast myself up onto 
those ledges with the missle launcher! You can't really see the ledges 
coz they're way too high up, and grenades don't provide enough lift (I've
tried it), but a missile does. Pretty cool... 

Well, that's not all. On the first ledge (the one nearest to the curved 
stairs), there's a compiler hiding up there that never drops down in the 
actual game! (This was on Total Carnage) It just sits there, waiting
until you blast yourself up there before attacking...:) 

No secret doors in any of the ledges, tho...pity...:) 

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