From: (Claude Errera)
Subject: Re: Marathon 2 Demo kicks ass!
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 1995 12:01:07 -0700
Organization: Oregon Graduate Institute
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In article <3vlfnn$>, TAI@PHYSICS.UTEXAS.EDU (Tai
Morris) wrote:

:Anyone wonder why grenades do not explode when you
:shoot them at the water? it just goes in with a "plop".
:I thought maybe if I waited there would be a nice
:water explosion. but nope. apparently the "preview"
:doesn't allow network games, so no one can test this
:out, but it would be cool if any player under water
:sees projectiles entering if others above the surface 
:shot at him. imagine you're underwater hiding, then
:a bunch of bullets come plopping in, leaving bubble 
:trails, then a grenade enters, slowly sinking ...

This reminded me of something I didn't quite figure out...

Try this:

In the starting zone to level 1, stand a few feet away from
the back wall and fire a grenade up and out into space (away 
from the door). Note the result. 

Back up another few feet (so that you're now, say, under the
crossbeam). Do it again.

Explain the different results to me, and how they were accomplished.

(I think it's pretty slick, myself.)

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