From: (Andrew C. Hinton)
Subject: mystery colonist
Date: 25 Nov 1994 23:26:22 GMT
Organization: University of Louisville, Louisville KY USA
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Another marathon post :)

Has anyone else actually seen the colonist?  The first time I went into the 
labyrinth, I ran into him.  He opened a secret door right besdie me and yelled 
"they're everywhere!"--scared the beejeezus out of me.  I tried to get into 
the room he was in, but he stood in my way, so I punched him to death (oh 
well, he WAS in the way!).  Unfortunately, it was just a small section of 
corridor, and I couldn't find any secret doors or anything, and nothing of 
interest inside it.  Figuring this would happen every time, I kept on with the 
game.  THEN, the next few times I played, I couldn't find the door, and he 
didn't come out.  Until the last time I played, when I heard the little bugger 
open the door (and saw him run across the corridor I was in, but only on the 
scanner because he was right behind me and I didn't turn around in time) and 
he went into some other inaccesible place that I couldn't get to.  
maybe the only way to do this is to WAIT there until he comes out?
Has anyone else run into this, and have you found anything?


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From: (Tom Finley)
Subject: Re: mystery colonist
Date: 27 Nov 1994 19:49:56 -0500
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David E. Nolen ( wrote:
: I've found him! He's in small secret room.  And by total freak coincidence I
: was watching the wall when it opens! Then closed.  I ran up to the wall and
: hit tab and the door opened again.  The civilian won't leave the narrow room
: though.

        Yeah, me too.  I found him, and he doesn't leave the room, just
as you said.  But here's something you may not know.  Kill him.  Wait
about ten minutes.  Another one appears!
                                        Tom Finley