Subj:  ** Marathon Demo **                   November 23, 1994
From:  AFC Tuncer

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AUTHOR:    Bungie Software
EQUIPMENT: Macintosh 68020 or higher, 8-Bit (256) Color display
NEEDS:     System 6.0.5 or higher, 3 Meg of free RAM
LIBRARY:   New/Commercial Demos/MGM


Welcome to the Marathon Demo.

This demo is designed to give you a fun and interesting glimpse into the
Marathon world.  We hope that after playing this demo over and over again,
you will decide to buy the game.  The game is longer, has more monsters, more
guns, more carnage, and a futuristic story line that will make your head spin
and your soul freeze with horror.

To be exact, this demo has four levels, and network play is restricted to two
players.  The full game has forty total levels, and supports network play
with up to eight people.

The demo was constructed using only one of five texture collections, so the
insane variety that you see in the demo is multiplied by five in the game.

This is not a CD-game.  It will ship on floppy disks.

Sure there is.  Here comes the standard industry plea for all of you to buy
our game!!  BUY OUR GAME!  We don't just want the money, we want to create
more people in the world who are good enough for us to play against as worthy
opponents, not fodder.

Marathon will be in stores December 1994
Suggested Retail Price: $69.99, Street Price: $39-$45

For more information contact:
Bungie Software Products Corporation
P.O. Box 7877
Chicago, Il 60680-7877
(312) 563-6200
Fax: (312) 563-0545
America Online: Bungie1
eWorld: BungieCorp
AppleLink: BUNGIE

* Macintosh 68020 or higher (68040 or faster recommended)
* 8-Bit (256) Color display
* System 6.0.5 or higher
* 3 Meg of free RAM
* Hard Drive
* Networking requires System 7

* Texture Mapped 3-D, Continuous-Motion Graphics
* Active Panning Stereo Sound
* In-Your-Face Network Carnage
* Digital Soundtrack
* Dynamic Sensing Artificial Intelligence
* Interactive Lighting Effects
* Full screen graphics with 5 Degrees of Freedom
* "Live" Automapping Feature
* High Resolution graphics in 8 or 16 bit color

* Accelerated for Power Macintosh
* Accelerated for Quadra 630
* Supports 8 players over Appletalk and Ethernet
* Compatible with joysticks, gamepads, and VR headsets

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