Chat Forum with special guest Tuncer Deniz

The following is a log of IMG's Chat Forum with Tuncer Deniz (Bungie Software)
on Wednesday 6th 1998 at 11pm EST/ 8pm PST.

Unfortunately the log is not complete since the server running the Forum died at
one point and there were some drop outs. Nevertheless the log has been tidied up for
your convenience but the text has not been altered. As expected many of the questions
were Myth related but you'll find a few Marathon questions in there. All Marathon
related questions (and answers if provided) are highlighted in red. A few of the old
chestnuts arose. The long promised Marathon 2 patcher was one... it seems that
Marathoner's never forget. But then it was a big issue back then. Will the Marathon
source code ever be released? Tuncer indicated that he would ask the programmers.
Some new stuff also showed up in connection with the Marathon Map Making
Competition. What was that all about? And... Marathon 2000. Lots of other tidbits in
there to dwell upon. Anyway here is the log of the chat. Enjoy.

Welcome to the Inside Mac Games Chat!

Welcome to the games chat room

LC: Hello gents

Methos: aka, Bungie West's big project

tuncer has arrived

tuncer just left

tuncer has arrived

Durandal: hey LC

kentaro: hi.

kentaro: ?

LC: Lophan!

Cadilon: hey!

LC: Long time no see!

LC: Greetings Tuncer

tuncer: hey folks

kentaro: heya Lophan! :)

Cyril: hello Tuncer

orange: hey tuncer

kentaro: Hi.

tuncer: quite a crowd

kentaro: :)

LC: heh

shpanky: hi tuncer

orange: hopefully we'll get some more

Cadilon: yep

Durandal: hey Tuncer

tuncer: howdy durandal

AngryPsycho: All hail Tuncer! We're not worthy etc..

LC: hehe

Rorgore has arrived

AngryPsycho: So, lay it on us, Tuncer.

BobJam: Rory, Die.

Rorgore: No.

Bastian has arrived.

Bastian: Blam

orange: nate!

ChrisM: Tuncer will be answer your questions tonight.  We ask you to be patient... especially if there are several questions asked at once.

kentaro: hi everyone... :)

Durandal: hey Bas

BobJam: ook, moderation!

BobJam: This'll be fun.

Bastian just left.

kentaro: censorship??

tuncer: hehe

ArticApe has arrived.

Bastian has arrived.

kentaro: this is nuts.

shpanky: Hi Tuncer. I have played many online games, thru many game serviame servime serviame servime serviows for 2 players at a time) Kali, Mplayer, Ten etc.. and played many games (quake, moto racer, forsaken etc..) I guess my question is this, I usually connec

darryl has arrived.

LC: Whaps Kentaro with his Lemurstick™

Bastian: Lets try that again

kentaro: wow, you type fast!

Bastian: Hi, kids

midwest has arrived

Bastian: And Tuncer

shpanky: oh my!!

kentaro: :: smacks LC :

Rorgore: yo steve

Bet: ahhhhh, Cyril, thankee, I almost missed something I would

midwest: hey rory

Nosfaekill has arrived.

Cadilon: .

kentaro: Tuncer is silent (?)

Rorgore: Tuncer will have to type 500 wpm to answer the questions in time.

orange: re nate

kentaro: heya Nos.

tuncer: sh, can you complete your question

BobJam: Heya steve

Bastian: Actually... I was gonna say something

Nosfaekil: hey kent

midwest: het jammer

Bastian: I've decided to learn how to code Macs

kentaro: .score Bastian

Bastian: er for Macs

Kusanagi: Tuncer has not yet been activated.

celos has arrived.

Rorgore: 'code Macs'?

Nosfaekil: woo, go bastian

LC: )-HINT: Use whispers for greetings...hehe-(

Lophan has arrived.

Rorgore: code _on_ macs you mean?

shpanky: question: the jest of the garble was.. how does myth and accomplish the incredible feat of giving gamers virtually lag free gaming expirience compared to other online games and gaming services (quake etc..)?

kentaro: you can whisper on this? oh... :)

Nosfaekil: =P

Bob: .score Tuncer

Bet: Question: Is there a place that there are Marathon games still played on a regular basis?

Bastian: This way, I will be able to exploit the open Mac market

Rorgore: Myth isn't a bandwidth intensive game, that's why.

lustygoat has arrived.

Rorgore: Quake is.

tuncer: Answer: It's fast because does not relay any of the packets

kentaro: Bet, yeah, my computer.

shpanky: i can play myth with 8 players with a decent gaming expierience, yet i cannot even play quake

midwest: Bet, yeah on Marathon

tuncer: we let the internet handle all the game routing of the packets

Bastian: I could tell you the technical reasons for that, shpanky, sometime

tuncer: the only thing is used for is a gathering place for games

tuncer: next question

LC: (raises hand)

orange: question: whats bungiewest working on

tuncer: ga LC

Kusanagi: is also used as an answering service.

eviscerator has arrived.

Rorgore: When you play on, you aren't connecting _through_, you are connecting to the IP of the person that hosted it.

BobJam: QUESTION: M2 patcher?

Lophan: :)

Rorgore: if you get me.

Cadilon: .

Nosfaekil: uhm.. unmoderated chats = evil

ArticApe: ...

BobJam: Go back to AOL

BobJam: ;)

eviscerator: was anyone having trouble connecting to today?

shpanky: aye, i see. thnx. games should follow your lead in that respect. kudos

Bet: Another Question: where can I get Pathways? With a Prima guide? And what about Operation Desert Storm? :)

Kusangi: yes, what's up with the M2 patcher?

midwest: yes.Tuncer..I have a question

Rorgore: yeah, Yeah!

Bastian: Tuncer: Why won't Bungie employess come play with the "old school" anymore?

LC: QUESTION: What news CAN you give us regarding Expansion Pack, 3rd party maps on bnet, and real editing tools?

kentaro: old school?

Rorgore: Anyway, this is fun and all, but I'm leaving.

midwest just left.

tuncer: ANSWER: I knew this was coming

Rorgore: laters

LC: hehe

Rorgore just left.

LC: But of course!

tuncer: right now we have no plans for an expansion pack

orange: heh

Silvermane has arrived.

Bastian: Welcome to my life, Tuncer... :)

Nosfaekil: heh

tuncer: we'll be announcing two new products at E3 at the end of May

Lophan just left.

kentaro: yay.

Bet: alright

Server does a wobbly here

TheSeeker has arrived.

tuncer has arrived.

TheSeeker: hi

ChrisM has arrived.

tuncer: hey seeker

TheSeeker: Server die? Just us now?

Bastian has arrived.

Cadilon has arrived.

ChrisM: Yes. We've added loads of RAM to see if we can stabalize things.

Bastian: Hmmm... some people need to learn how to code...

lustygoat has arrived.

TheSeeker: The party returns

Bastian: Before I get dropped again...

tuncer: the guy who wrote Webstar wrote this chat thing

Mick has arrived.

TheSeeker: Better doc too...I waste time entering a nickname w/ a space in it

orange has arrived.

tuncer: so it should be good

tuncer: it's still in beta I think

Bastian: QUESTION: How did Myth do in terms of sales compared to other RTS games

Bob2 has arrived.

Cadilon: I know IMG is sponsoring this and all, but if this keeps up maybe we should go to #Myth

tuncer: It did pretty well

Cyril has arrived.

Bastian: pretty well = 

tuncer: but since Bungie was still kinda unknown in the PC world

BobJam has arrived.

BobJam: Christ

BobJam: Just use IRC

tuncer: we didn't get the initial orders like a Blizzard or Microsoft gets

Kusanagi has arrived.

BobJam: Java sucks

Bastian: ?

tuncer: Overall though, it did well, our best seller yet

Kusanagi: heh 

orange just left.

orange has arrived.

tuncer: next

Methos has arrived.

ChrisM: Here's the standard reminder...

ChrisM: Remember to start your questions for tuncer with "QUESTION:" so they may be easily identified.

Bastian: I heard about how Ensemble and Cavedog felt about the reasons you started slow, I just wanted to check

BobJam: QUESTION: Any news on the Marathon 2 patcher?

midwest has arrived.

Bastian: Makes sense, I guess

DrMelon has arrived.

Mick: Hey Chris

ChrisM: Hey Mick.

tuncer: We haven't touched or will not touch the Marathon 2 code

tuncer: again

tuncer: ;-)

tuncer: next

Mick: Chris- Have you ever heard of the game "Catalyst?"

midwest just left.

lustygoat: QUESTION: If you won't touch the marathon code again, will you give it away, like Id and the doom code?

DrMelon: How do you pronounce tuncer? :)

Bob2: QUESTION: Any chance of letting someone else touch the Marathon 2 code?

shpanky has arrived.

tuncer: lustygoat, i seriously doubt it, but i'll ask the programmers tomorrow

ChrisM: Yes, I vaguely remember Catalyst. Can you refresh my memory?

Mick: I remember reading about it in IMG about a year ago.. about how it would revolutionize the firt-person texture mapped games for the mac...

Nosferatu has arrived.

BobJam: QUESTION: Are you still recieving requests to publish games for others?

ChrisM: Right. I think it turned out to be vaporware.

Eviscerator has arrived.

Cyril: QUESTION: Are you guys going to make more first person games?

shpanky: whew! finnally! this is soo tough to get into

Mick: I could give you the actual issue if you give me a sec.... hang on

DrMelon: Is it pronounced "Ton-Sir"?

Eviscerator: am I in?

Eviscerator: is IMG bussy or what?

tuncer: BobJam, yes, we get some sometimes, but we feel it's better to concentrate on our own games

DrMelon: Come on guys...I'm serious here

DrMelon: :)

tuncer: Cyril, not now, but who knows in the future

tuncer: DrMelon, yes!

TheSeeker: Hey Melon, go listen to the voices in the graveyard...

tuncer: next question ;-)

DrMelon: I can't make em out...yet

TheSeeker: QUESTION: Is Bungie going to be getting a little more communicative ever? (BTW, thanks for coming tuncer)

orange just left.

ChrisM: Standard reminder warning...

ChrisM: Remember to start your questions for tuncer with "QUESTION:" so they may be easily identified.

Bastian: Better keep that "Sir" part respectful, DrM... he's a toughie on the battlefield... :)

tuncer: Seeker, how so?

shpanky: QUESTION: tuncer can you give us any info on what Bungie has in plans for us on tr us on t us on tmonth?

shpanky: ?

Kusanagi: QUESTION: will the main character (if there is one) for your BW

scifi game be a woman? 

Bastian: When he shows up, that is...

DrMelon: IE: 3rd Party Maps status...

tuncer: Seeker, we've always been pretty secretive about our future plans, if that's what you mean

tuncer: shpanky, well, at E3 we'll be announcing two new games

Mick: Chris- I got the issue... Jan/Feb 96, screenshot and everything

Cyril just left.

TheSeeker: QUESTION: We bnetters clamor for so much (minor interface changes, scoring changes, etc), will we ever be told what you plan on addressing?

orange has arrived.

orange: quite evil

Nosferatu: Question: tuncer, does Bungie have any input in the Daimyo project?

Bastian: Gotta love the feeble attempts of a Mac Java coder, orange

Bastian: :)

orange: i say we use irc :)

Mick: Chris- from a company called "Deilution"

tuncer: Seeker, let's just say we're working on major changes to, we'll

BobJam: QUESTION: Why are you using Java when it sucks so much? IRC is much better.

Eviscerator: QUESTION: is one of the next games going to be myth, you say?

tuncer: have more info at E3

Mick: Chris- Strange... so much info on it too

TheSeeker: heheheh

Bob2: Use Apple Runtime for Java rather than Netscape/IE

Mick: Chris- Still there?

Bob2: .....far more stable

tuncer: Nosferatu, not at this time. daimyo is a very ambitious project and they need a publisher

Eviscerator: oops i ment another Myth 2

Eviscerator: oops

Eviscerator: hehe

orange: as i said before i crashed, please release the marathon 1 2 infinity source

tuncer: Eviscerator, wish i could say, wait till E3

ChrisM: Mick-- yes. Digesting your info! I think it's just one of those projects that ran out of cash.

Cadilon: QUESTION: How expandable is Myth? New maps, obviously, but what about new characters?

tuncer: Orange, you got it ;-)

Eviscerator: ;-) when is E3 bye the way?

Bastian: Cadilon: Very

Kusanagi: Kusanagi: QUESTION: will the main character (if there is one) for your BW

Kusanagi: scifi game be a woman? darnit

Kusanagi: QUESTION: will the main character (if there is one) for your BW

Kusanagi: scifi game be a woman? 

orange: tuncer, no hints about whats gonna be at E3?

orange: thanks tuncer ;)

Mick: Chris- 'shame... looked like a promising game

Kusanagi: ugh!

ChrisM: May 27-30

Kusanagi: sor-ry

Eviscerator: thanks chris

tuncer: Cadilon, Myth is quite expandable, but creating new characters is very difficult

tuncer: it would require highly skilled artists

Eviscerator: Myth is "shit"!

Cyril has arrived.

Eviscerator:  :-)

tuncer: Kusanagi, hmm, can't say right now

Ash has arrived.

Ash: Dear god

Ash just left.

Rolend has arrived.

Nosferatu: my concern with new characters, is that it may take away from the exquisit playbalance that exists now

Rolend: There we go... Now, "Dear God"

Kusanagi: Ha, chicks rule. :^) 

tuncer: Very true Nosferatu

Eviscerator: am I wrong or is Myth a no name game on the PC side?

Methos has arrived.

Eviscerator: well close to no name

tuncer: Hopefully some of the third-party map editors are close to being done

Bastian: It has a name, Eviscerator

ChrisM: Standard reminder...

ChrisM: Remember to start your questions for tuncer with "QUESTION:" so they may be easily identified.

Bastian: Hey!

TheSeeker: QUESTION: Are there any questions you CAN answer 

tuncer: Seeker, YES!

Bastian: No comment, tuncer

tuncer: See, I answered

TheSeeker: heheheheh...I asked for it

Cyril: QUESTION: How many copies of myth have you guys sold?

orange: QUESTION: when is the ass kicking chair going to be released?

Kusanagi: QUESTION: What color is the wind? 

DrMelon: QUESTION: What happens in 15 days?QUESTION:QUESTION:QUESTION:

lustygoat has arrived

Eviscerator: geez...I hope you can type fast

tuncer: Well, we've shipped over 300,000 copies so far

Nosferatu: Question: tuncer if hindsight were 20/20, would you do anything different with Myth, the game or the engine?

tuncer: Don't know exactly how many have sold though

Journeyman has arrived.

tuncer: Nosferatu, yes!

Bob2: I bought one

DrMelon: Why did myny thing write Question 3 times??! :)

Journeyman: I'm tellin' ya, gotta get a G3

tuncer: First, better support for 3rd party map editors

Silvermane has arrived.

orange: statement: you should pay the admins with all that money tuncer

Bob2: any can anyone account for the other 299,999?

tuncer: And make the game a little easier

Bastian: Did I hear that right

shpanky: gosh, stupid java, QUESTION: tuncer can you give us an ideal of what Bungie has in plan for us on the 22cnd of this month?

shpanky: QUESTION: will these two new games being announced at e3 in any way a MYTH 2?

shpanky: im having 5 minute lag time between when i ask a question and when it actually comes up, so forgive me if i ask a question that has been adressed

shpanky: QUESTION: tuncer does Bungie have any plans or announcements coming on the 22cnd of this month?

shpanky: ?

shpanky: QUESTION tuncer is there any truth to the rumor that bungie plans on making an announcement on something on the 22cnd of this month?

tuncer: A lot of people found it difficult

tuncer: Shpanky, 28th, at E3

Journeyman: Okay... what was I going to ask..

Journeyman: ah yes

TheSeeker: Tell 'em to save game more often ; )

Eviscerator: hopw far along are the games you are going to anounceQUESTION

Journeyman: Chris- Have you ever thought of doing a company spotlight on Prest Studios?

Eviscerator: a demo?

Cyril: if it makes you feel any better tuncer, I didn't have a problem with the difficulty level

Silvermane: when was the last issue of Bungievision newsletter out?

tuncer: Eviscerator, one was started over a year ago, the other about 5 months ago

Methos: QUESTION: What prompted the storyline presented in Myth?

Journeyman: Chris- I've been following their company since the beginning....

orange: QUESTION: do any of the new games create a new genre or revolutionize an existing one?

TheSeeker: QUESTION: Are you guys interested in suggs for Myth tweaks/expansion packs/Myth II?

ChrisM: JourneyMan - yes, it's come up. We want to start doing more company spotlights with IMG.

Eviscerator: K thanks

Silvermane: I have one here that sez the prize for the map making contest was a computer

orange: methos, hinduism

tuncer: And we have a 3rd game in development that won't be done until end of 1999

Nosferatu: Question: tuncer, do difficulty levels have any bearing on multiplayer games?

BobJam: Yeah, I seem to remember the prize for the map making contest winner being a computer

Eviscerator: he won't say if their even will be a myth2

shpanky: the codex reports of something on in 16 days (which is the 22cnd) are you denieing an annoiuncement on that date?

tuncer: ahhh, i'm lost

Eviscerator: :-)

tuncer: shpanky, dennying

Bastian: Sour grapes, GoC boi?

Ely has arrived.

Journeyman: Chris- I know enough that I could probably write one for

Presto, but have you ever considered interviewing them?

shpanky: ardon Bastian?

shpanky: pardon even

TheSeeker: QUESTION: Is Bungie interested in suggs for Myth tweaks/expansion packs/Myth II?

tuncer: Nosferatu, no, difficulty levels have no bering on multiplayer game

Bob2: QUESTION: Is thre any tru7h in the recent BungieRumors stories?

Bastian: That thing about "the codex reports"

tuncer: Seeker, sure, post on

DrMelon: Actually, it should be 15 days...If they were updating right

shpank...some Myth sites...sigh

tuncer: I read it every day

Journeyman: Chris- .. with the whole issue of their new game "Beneath"..

Bastian: Sounds so much like the papers combating each other here

tuncer: Bob2, none ;-)

Journeyman: Chris- ...which might not come to the mac....

ChrisM: Journeyman -- Cool.

shpanky: sour grapes Bastian? not at all. simply curious. why such a poor attitude Bas? Have i offended you?

orange: question: will the new games create a new genre or radically change an existing one

TheSeeker: QUESTION: What about email tuncer? And do you guys follow any of the web site forums?

Journeyman: Chris- Presto has been 100% loyal to the Mac since day one, and now this sudden change of events

DrMelon: Do you look at Myth sites?

tuncer: hmm, don't have much time to be web browsing ;-)

Cyril: QUESTION: When are you going to update the letters to the webmaster? =)

tuncer: but I do check out

TheSeeker: heh...I saw Jason Jones' 2 posts

Journeyman: Chris- That and I don't think IMG has ever interviewed them

tuncer: Cyril, hmm, a question for the webmaster

TheSeeker: I predict a flooding of the newsgroup 

Silvermane: QUESTION: Why did the Bungievision newsletter imply the prize for the mapmaking contest was a computer?

tuncer: DrMelon, I sometimes check out the Myth Codex

Journeyman: Chris- Just thought it would be an interesting issue for the mag

Cadilon has arrived.

Bob2: QUESTION: Who is the webmaster?

BobJam: QUESTION: Why is the compression on the myth cutscenes so terrible?

Journeyman: Chris- ever think about it?

BobJam: They get all pixelized.

Journeyman: Chris- doing an interview with them?

tuncer: BobJam, good question, lots and lots of color changes

Bastian: Wow!!! 20 minutes without a crash!

Eviscerator: yeah

tuncer: we kinda pooched the compression a bit on the cutscenes

Ely just left.

Eviscerator: I crashed 2 times

tuncer: we're going to be looking at QT 3.0 for future compression on our cutscenes

DrMelon: Mine do that too!!..pixels from the last screens stay lit and stuff?

ChrisM: Journeyman -- I think so. I'm speaking about it now to Rafi.

DrMelon: How can I fix that?

Methos: QUESTIOn: Cutscenes' for what;-)

BungieRumors has arrived.

ChrisM: Standard reminder -- Remember to start your questions for tuncer with "QUESTION:" so they may be easily identified. 

orange: question: why were the mahir skrael etc left out of myth when they were 90% finished

Cadilon: QUESTION: Is working at a famous software company as glamorous and profitable as it? seems?

tuncer: Methos, Cutsscenes for Marathon 2000!

BungieRumors: testing

tuncer: Just kidding ;-)

tuncer: Orange, good question

Kusanagi: he keeps winking! 

BobJam: heh

lustygoat: *meaningless words to keep from being booted*

tuncer: While the mahir was cool looking, his attack was a bitch to get right

DrMelon: QUESTION:How long will this chat go on?

Kusanagi: anyone have visine?

tuncer: Jason worked on him for a while, but it was just too difficult

ChrisM: Until 12:00

TheSeeker: and when's the next chat?

tuncer: The skreal just plain stunk, i though

ChrisM: Next week, same time.

tuncer: thoguht

TheSeeker: uh, next Bungie chat I meant 

orange: any myrkridia for myth 2?

BungieRumors: QUESTION: did tuncer ever visit bungierumors?

Eviscerator: skreawhat are the skreal? I herd of them

tuncer: Yes, tuncer checked out bungierumors the other day, great stuff

BungieRumors: heh

Methos: QUESTION: How many serial numbers did tuncer get in his email?

Bob2: and all true

DrMelon: seemed kinda just tossed into this one.. (the myrkridia)

DrMelon: They seemed cool though

DrMelon: I wish we saw more of them

orange: QUESTION: did Doug Zartman read the Vedas before writing the myth story?

tuncer: Jason Jones did most of the Myth story

BungieRumors: QUESTION: do you think the limits placed on the creation of third party maps reduced myth's longevity as a game?

tuncer: Can anyone say "Glen Cook"?

Bastian: Been there, done that

TheSeeker: Glen Cook

Kusanagi: Glen Cook

Bastian: Ooh, let me answer that 3rd party one, tuncer! :)

tuncer: bungierumors, in the long term, and in complete honesty, yes 

Rolend has arrived.

shpanky: QUESTION the advent of a 3dfx version for Myth was a fantastic ideal in my opinion. On the upcoming Bungie games... are there any plans for them having voodoo support, or better yet... take advantage of voodoo II ?

Kusanagi: i must have one of those implants

Journeyman just left.

BungieRumors: :nod:

tuncer: shpanky, absolutely!

DrMelon: Question: How long, and what do you do, in a reg. BUngie workda

tuncer: I think within a few years, all our games will be hardware only

Eviscerator: voodoo 2 is just improves frame rate

tuncer: just my opinion, not bungie's

Rolend: QUESTION: How about the Power VR second generation chips, and the RIVA TNT chips 

alboy has arrived.

BungieRumors: 3dfx and voodoo are the same thing...

Nosferatu has arrived.

Cyril: QUESTION: What about RAVE support?

Eviscerator: yeah?

tuncer: We're looking into Power VR, RIVA, and RAVE for future products, but nothing

Bob2: QUESTION: Any chance of releasing the patch to allow me to use my CyberMaxx with Marathon?

Eviscerator: I'm a rave dude

tuncer: has been announced yet ;-)

Kusanagi: QUESTION: What do marathon fans have to look forward to from Bungie?

shpanky: 3dfx is the maker of the voodoo chip, to be precise :)

tuncer: Bob2, uhhhhh

_leet has arrived.

Bob2: QUESTION: Or even VR helmets with Myth ;-)

_leet just left.

BungieRumors: heh

tuncer: Kusanagi, not much, to be honest.

retro has arrived.

BungieRumors: Bob, that's about as likely as the promised M2 update being released

Bastian: Ouch

TheSeeker: Hey Kus, how about a Marathon Myth total conversion 

Rolend: Blech.. VR helmets, consumer ready ones all suck.

tuncer: Maybe one day we'll go back to Marathon, but who knows

Bob2: Hey, I have total confidence that Bungie will 'do the right thing' ;-)

Methos: hmmm

TheSeeker: QUESTION: Has the Myth engine been licensed out?

Eviscerator: me 2 bob

shpanky: QUESTION with a game as great as Myth, are their any plans on bringing it to a console system? and if so which one... playstation, nintendo 64?

tuncer: Seeker, nope, not yet

orange: QUESTION:any sequels to games before marathon (pid minotaur etc)

TheSeeker: QUESTION: Is Bungie considering licensing it?

DrMelon: -------

tuncer: shpanky, we thought about it, but the playstation and N64 doesn't have enough memory

tuncer: Myth is a memory hog

Rolend: QUESTION: Minotaur kicks ass, any chance on re-releasing, or doing something similiar to it again?

retro: I don't know how you would control it

BungieRumors: QUESTION: since so many of the original marathon people have one way or another left bungie, do you think returning to marathon may not work out? (if bungie every did)

Cadilon: (just some stupid words to keep from timing out)

tuncer: Seeker, yes, for the right price ;-)

BungieRumors: ever

Eviscerator: QUESTION: will a "next myth" use like 3d models as men not sprites?

tuncer: Hmm, Jason Jones is still at Bungie, so a return to Marathon is still feasible

Methos: QUESTION: How did Bungie get into the recent Sprockets programming with Apple?

tuncer: but I'm pretty sure he's not interested in doing a Marathon game right now

Bastian: Why license Myth's engine when it is easily duplicable?

alboy just left.

Bastian: Sorry

Cyril: another anti idle thing

Mick has arrived.

TheSeeker: To get the $ before they think to dupe it...heh

Kusanagi: no one is going to care by that time, BR

Mick: sorry...

shpanky: tuncer.. but surely Bungie could get ahold of some developement kits for the upcoming blackbelt (saturns upcoming console) is bungie looking into that possibility?

Mick: damn POS

BungieRumors: consoles suck

BungieRumors: :)

tuncer: shpanky, for future consoles, yes

Eviscerator: yeah my sega saturn really sucks

BungieRumors: no expandability in consoles, add ons are a big part of why people buy games

Mick: Sega Saturn is pretty cool...

Mick: woah...

Silvermane has arrived.

TheSeeker: QUESTION: Does Bungie have any opinion about games & Rhapsody?

Mick: hey Evis, mine rocks!

retro: microsoft is providing the OS for a few consoles....

Eviscerator: no games for sega saturn like haveing a mac

Kusanagi: QUESTION: Would bungie ever consider creating a fighting game?

Bastian: QUESTION: Why don't Bungie employees ever play with us anymore(except Max and Charlie)?

retro: Sega and PSX I believe

Mick: but once Sega Katana comes out....

Rolend: QUESTION: Any Chance in BUNGIE re-releasing Minotaur with TCP/IP support!?

tuncer: Hmm, Rhapsody, from what we understand, will mainly be a server/business OS

Mick: Katana is gonna kick some serious tail..

Mick: anyway...

tuncer: So right now we have no plans for Rhapsody

Bob2: QUESTION: I've seen Marathon in the blue box, but will the source be available for porting to the yellow box?

Mick: Chris?

Nosferatu: Question: tuncer has anyone ever seen a breakdown of who bought Myth, I would have expected to see more U.K. people on

Silvermane: QUESTION: are you going answer my questions?

tuncer: Rolend, maybe....

Bastian: Rhapsody is like NT when it comes to games, from a coding standpoint

orange: tuncer bungie should go to wwdc apple is going to stress games and stuff

BungieRumors: heh

Rolend: QUESTION: It's a necessity for people like me:)

Bob2: Bungie.Net is too slow from Europe

BungieRumors: bob, if you are on a decent isp it should be ok

Bob2: If you want more Europeans online, you need some Europe based proxies

tuncer: Bob2, i'll ask the programmers about releasing the source code, but i bet the idea

tuncer: will get shot down

TheSeeker: Ah well, Carmack's .plan seemed to have some hope for Rhapsody

Bob2: same for the asian market no doubt

Mick: Chris- just had to ask... I wouldn't necessarily have to visit the company to do a company spotlight, would I?

ChrisM has arrived.

shpanky: QUESTION tuncer do you consider yourself a gamer (other than a game maker) and if so what OTHER games do you enjoy?

Kusanagi: QUESTION: Would Bungie ever consider making a fighting game?

Mick: Chris- just had to ask... I wouldn't necessarily have to visit the

Mick: company to do a company spotlight, would I?

ChrisM: Mick -- Yes?

Bob2: QUESTION: And if not a gamer, what exactly do you do for Bungie?

TheSeeker: QUESTION: How about some fluff? What's your fave units/maps/games?

tuncer: Yes, I consider myself a gamer, I love strategy games, flight sims.

ChrisM: Mick -- no, not really. It helps, but it isn't necessary.

BungieRumors: QUESTION: do you find all these questions stressful? ;)

Eviscerator: I think we all know the answer to that one

ChrisM: Well, it's getting near 12:00 folks, so we're going to wind it down...

retro: QUESTION: Any news on Myth conversions?

Mick: Chris- So, with your permission, can I do the Company Spotlight for Presto?

Bastian: Ack! Time to go do my Student Gov. junk...

tuncer: bungierumors, yes

BungieRumors: heheheh

Bastian: Bye all...

tuncer: maybe we can have a chat after e3 to discuss the new games

Silvermane: well, this was less than informative

Mick: Chris- Alright, cool

Bastian: tuncer, come play sometime

ChrisM: Any last questions for tuncer?

orange: QUESTION: can you make a completely vague comment on the genre of the new games

Kusanagi: QUESTION: Would Bungie ever consider or is Bungie working on a fighting game?

Bastian just left.

shpanky: QUESTION a chess player i assume? (gathered from the encredible strategy you have allowed for in Myth) unlike MANY other brainless build as fast as you can RTS

Mick: Chris- Thanks, I'll see ya 'round sometime

ChrisM: Mick -- cya

tuncer: orange, hmm, revolution and's that?

BungieRumors: QUESTION: do you find working for bungie satisfying and something you could continue doing for years to come?

orange: all i wanna know thanks

DrMelon: What is your name??! :O)

Eviscerator: thats vague

tuncer: Kusanagi, doubt it, but who knows

Bob2: QUESTION: Why did you mislead people on the prize for the Marathon map making competition?

tuncer: bungierumors, yes!

Mick just left.

tuncer: Bob2, I have no idea what you are talking about ;-)

TheSeeker: QUESTION: So, what's yer fave units/maps/games? And least fave?

Kusanagi: he winked again! 

tuncer: My favorite unit is the berserker

ChrisM: Well, I thank you all for coming. Please join us next week, when our guest will be... Dr. Joyce Brothers.

Bob2: clearly a sense of guilt

ChrisM: : )

Kusanagi: got a twitchy eye.

tuncer: favorite net map is creep

Eviscerator: you wanted to make a game like brave heart

orange: hmm sex

tuncer: Bob2, I have no idea, i swear

shpanky: THANKS tuncer, very kid of you!!!

shpanky: kind even

orange: thanks tuncer

TheSeeker: thanks tuncer; hope to chat again

Cyril: yes thanks for comeing and talking to us

BungieRumors: QUESTION: what did you have for breakfast thismorning?

Eviscerator: QUESTION: was the zerk the first units you came up with?

tuncer: no problem

BungieRumors: heh

retro just left.

tuncer: baby carrots

orange: dark units came first i think

ChrisM: Baby carrots? Ugh....!

BungieRumors: i'm straining to think of some more intelligent questions.

tuncer: No, i think the first unit was the thrall

shpanky: Cris M can we get a copy of the chat dialog somehow?

Methos: Ditto

orange: thrall is the best unit in the game imo

Eviscerator: well when I first herd about myht you said you were trying to make it like braveheart

TheSeeker: I've been saving most of the dialog

Eviscerator: the zerk is william wallace

tuncer: Eviscerator, well, Braveheart "inspired" us

Methos: have you been bounced out?

Nosferatu: thanks for this time,tuncer, and thanks for the most addictive game I've ever played, see you on 

ChrisM: Maybe; if tuncer activated the log.

TheSeeker: have the last 30-40 min. of it

BungieRumors: QUESTION: do you think craig mullins will ever do art for another Bungie game in the future? His work kick ass!

Bob2: Oh no. tuncer will be exposed

Trolld has arrived.

Cadilon has arrived.

Methos: ?

Methos: nto the recent Sprockets programming with Apple?

Nosferatu just left.

Silvermane: the truth will come out

Eviscerator: yeah thats what it said I think

Kusanagi: QUESTION: Why did Bungie register the domain ""?

tuncer: bungierumors, good question, maybe

shpanky: QUESTION: tuncer... did you actiate the log for God's sake man !?

Cadilon just left.

tuncer: nope, sorry

tuncer: we registered blam? cool!

TheSeeker: shpanky, I have most of this chat saved to disk

ChrisM: Well folks, we're going to wind it down now.

Bob2: I'm sure we can reconstruct it ;-)

Eviscerator: yeah it was that art was cool

Silvermane: why would he want to log ignoring the hard questions?

TheSeeker: heheheh

tuncer: hehe

Trolld just left.

TheSeeker: ChrisM, you'll have to reduce us to chunky salsa first! 

Bob2: That Marathon Story Page will have the log

shpanky whispered: can you email it to me? pretty pretty please?

ChrisM: Gee, now if I can only make the server crash again... : )

BungieRumors: don't trust the story page

TheSeeker: heheheheh

BungieRumors: hamish is on bungie's payroll

Eviscerator: my HD fell asleep HEHE!

Bob2: It's BungieRumors that we shouldnt trust

TheSeeker: I'll prob send to GoC, VR, & Codex

BungieRumors: trust no one.

Bob2: But You're Hamish aren't you? Own up.

shpanky: good man

ChrisM: Well folks, tuncer and I are going to call it a night.

TheSeeker: Well I hope Bungie graces us all again w/ a chat sometime

ChrisM: We thank you for coming. 

BungieRumors: heh, er, hamish is sleeping, it's like 4am where he is

shpanky: Thanks tuncer ChrisM!!!

tuncer: see ya guys, thanks!

Silvermane just left.