Halo weapons

Steve Campbell <midwest@bungie.org> writes concerning some of the weapons seen in the Halo "movie":

in the movie right before the Covenants get into their sled mobile looking things... they are each holding a weapon.

it was brought to my attention "notice anything about those weapons?" by {name deleted] earlier... don't use his name by the way.

well one alien is holding a fusion pistol and the other a rocket launcher.

Steve is referring to this scene in the movie. And yes they do look Marathon-like. The right alien is carrying a weapon somewhat similar to a Fusion Pistol and the left alien has a short-stemmed shoulder-mounted rocket launcher similar to that seen only in the first Marathon.

Ian McClintock <mrbill84@hotmail.com> writes:

I would like to comment on the topic of the Covenant holding a fusion gun in the movie.

The fusion gun looks like it is probably just a deactivated "lightsaber", as we see it deactivating at the part of the movie where the Covenant jump into their hovercraft.

After all, it would make sense to deactivate it if you're going to be traveling at high speeds, right?

Also, the same weapon can be seen on Bungie's halo page in the new image of the Covenant. It doesn't look much like the fusion gun from Marathon to me.

Michael Watson <mikey-sanSPAMMERS@AREbungieSPAZEROIDS.org> also points out that the raised weapon in the hand of the alien surrending in the movie does not look like a Fusion Pistol. Michael writes:

It does, at first glance, but if you look closely, you'll notice this the weapon is a split weapon, like in the still, and that between the split, it's an energy stream being generated vertically between the two 'teeth' of the gun, and fooling your eyes.

This is more evident the few seconds before my still, when he's raising his arms.

It's some sort of sabre weapon.

Ben Semmler <ben@torquerod.com> writes:

...the Halo screenshot looked really cool.

The main figure look oddly similiar to the Craig Mullins picture of the marine standing by the term. Heh. But, in my mind, the press release clinches it all. It mentions a "military recon unit," being chased by alien ships, and orbital bombardment.

Jamie Reid <jamiereid@hfx.andara.com> and Justin Beatty <alisander@yahoo.com> both point out that the gun in the Halo screenshot also looks like the gun the marine is carrying in the Durandal chapter screen from Marathon 2 (also by Craig Mullins).

Rick Boyd <rickboyd@starpower.net> writes:

The fusion-gun look alikes in the Halo trailer are definitely not sabres. Check the movie again. In the bit right before the alien surrenders, you can see him shooting blue streaks of energy at the jeep with his hand-held weapon.(I had to get the high-quality version before I saw it correctly.

Yes The Atlantis Crew sent some screenshots to halo.bungie.org showing the firing of this weapon.

Clem Freeman <clemf@humboldt1.com> writes:

The following is an excerpt from the recent IGN Halo preview:

"The weapons are still in flux, but so far the team has implemented about eight human and three alien types: the machine gun & grenade launcher, the shotgun, the anti-armor rocket, the pistol with laser designator, the SMG, the sniper, the harpoon, and the flame thrower."

Now if that list of weapons isn't enough to convince you that Halo is related to Marathon, I don't know what will. Hehe, this is soo cool. I think the weapon that one of the troopers held in the MW demo was an assault rifle. And now we can finally figure out how the shotgun reloads with the more detailed halo animations.

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