Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 12:32:09 +0000
To: "Cortana" 
From: Hamish Sinclair 
Subject: Mail confirmation request (6DB982)
Cc: Matt Soell 

Your email:

                  Your Mortality (My Summer Vacation)

has been received. For security reasons, you are now required to reply to
this message, as explained below, to confirm the authenticity of your
electronic mail. If  you have problems with this procedure, you can
contact the Marathon's Story page maintainer directly (
and ask to be manually verified.

To confirm the authenticity of your mail, simply reply to the present
message and type  "ok" (without the quotes) as the text of your message.
Just the word "ok" - do not retype the original mail. This procedure will
work with any mail program that fully conforms to the Internet standards
for electronic  mail. If you receive an error message, try sending a new
message to (without using the "reply" function - 
this is very important) and type "ok 6DB982" as the text of your message.

Finally, your mail will be cancelled automatically if you do not
confirm it within 48h. After that time, you must start over and resend
the mail to get a new confirmation code. If you change your mind and
decide that you do NOT want to confirm the mail, simply discard the
present message and let the mail expire on its own.