The endless cycle.
But how to break the circle?
The Jjaro had found the answer.

"Do you remember Thoth?"
Thoth?... Yes Thoth...
"Were you ever curious as to why Thoth eventually sided with the Pfhor?" became clear now as Durandal explained.
Thoth was created to break the circle.

"...but he lay there dormant as the S'pht clans were wiping themselves out."
"How ironic it was that the Pfhor would be the ones to save them."

Durandal laughed, he could no longer contain his mirth.

"The Jjaro had forgotten to switch him on!"

The Jjaro had forgotten to switch him ON?
... the laughter still echoed through my ears.

How many mistakes had the Jjaro made in their long history?
How many lies had been necessary?

The Jjaro have a saying: "Whatever you say, say nothing clearly."

Let sleeping dogs lie.
Let sleeping Gods die.

Dogs die

"Mr. President?"
"Mr. President?"
"For God's sake somebody call a medic."