Personal Map Pages

Pages maintained by the map creators themselves. Basically these sites are designed to promote existing maps or future map projects. In some cases background info, hints etc. to the maps are given.

FrigidMan's Marathon Maps

Marathon: Evil web page

Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge

Tempus Irae


Kirill's Marathon Page

Daniel Loebl's Marathon 2 Maps

Carnage Inc.

Map Maker's Station

Quartz's Marathon Page

James's Marathon Page

Jer's Marathon Maps


Patrick Gray's Marathon Page

Commander Blake's Infinity Maps Page

Gates of Fenris

Marathon Ry'ada

Assualt on Blar'fa

Marathon Edge

the Battle Cat's Litterbox

Andrew Miner's Marathon Page

Luke Heise's Marathon Infinity Creations

Marathon SC Cartell

Pembroke Marathon Infinity

MeKilla's Marathon Map Page

Marathon Infinity Maps

Defending Tau Ceti

Metropolis for Marathon Infinity

The Truthsayer Project

Marathon: Warp Factor

Stardock Alpha's Marathon Page

The Traitors

Marathon: Leviathan

Dead on Arrival

Marathon 10/5 Mapmakers

Dr. Lex' Marathon Page

Marathon Infinity Maps & Physics Models

Marathon Revisited

the Marathon Forge

Rj's Pfhoraddicted Page

Chrille's Marathon Site

The J'raxis 270145 Marathon Page

PowerPlay Marathon Page

Marathon Infinity DEATH STRIKE Homepage

Mike's Marathon Maps

Baraka Home Page

Ballistically Insane's Marathon Maps

Metro2 for Marathon Infinity

Anti Fun League

Stompbox's Marathon Page

Devil in a Blue Dress

Testing Grounds

Glenn's Marathon Maps

Chris' Maps

Chris Johnson's Marathon Maps


John's Page from Hell


The Heap

ydnar 2.0

KarBon's Maps

Marathon Infection

Gizmo & Gadget Map Makers

Scott's Marathon Page

Peter de Blanc's Marathon Page

Saint's Space

Frey's House of Maps

Snaky's Marathon Infinity Page

Project D.E.A.T.H.

lair of darkness

Welcome to the Marathon Top Ten

Jim and David's Marathon Map Page

TomeOne's Marathon Infinity Maps

Heida's Marathon Net Site

The Marathon Armory v1.2

U.E.S.C Victory

John's Marathon Maps

Aaron's Cave/Marathon Annex



The Simulacrum Syndicate

The Classified Nineteen

Mark Conahan's Marathon Stuff Beyond the Aurora James Gurnee's Marathon Stuff Blink Products

Rosebud Games