The Dead Pages

The 404 blues pages! Even some 403's. Yep these are the pages that have gone the way of the Dodo. The URLs have been retained as a reminder to others - we all end up this way!

The Official Marathon World Wide Web Site

Bungie's 2nd Home Page The Unofficial Marathon Fan Page Dag Peak's Marathon Maps

Crusher's Marathon II Page

Cybermen's Marathon 2 Home Page

Kerosene's Marathon 2 Weapons Page

Marathon... The HomePage

SuperDave's Marathon Page

Suzuki's Marathon HomePage

Matthew Liebhold's Marathon Page

Marathon HyperArchive

Marathon 2 HyperArchive

Marathon Central animation

UCF Marathon page

The Tech's Marathon Page

Dave's Marathon Home Page

#Marathon Collaborative Map Project

Marathon Magazine

Tycho88's Marathon Infinity Page

Macintosh 3D First Person Games Home Page

Chris's Marathon Page

Willkommen im Marathon Jungle

Moe's Marathon 2 Page

Durandal Map Makers Club

The Unofficial Marathon Home Page

The Alternate Marathon Spoiler Guide

The 'Grenade Jumping FAQ'

Marathon 2 Walkthrough

SoccerGuy's Marathon Infinity Page

Matthew Fleming's Marathon Page

Ben Matasar's Marathon Page

Marathon 2 Frame Rates Page

The Unofficial Ling-Ling Page

The Born On Board Bastard Page

Zapranoth's M2 replay archive

Eric Tebelak's Marathon page

Matt Nuzzo's Marathon Page

Marathon Center

Tazor's Marathon 2 Page

Joe's Marathon 2 Page

Robert Edvardsson's Marathon 2 Homepage

Jason Carter's Marathon 2 Page

LukPac's Marathon Page

Nathan's Unofficial Marathon page

Mel Wong's Marathon Page

DayTrip's Marathon 2 Page

Marc Papouchado's Marathon Page

The Pfhorte Handbook

Ben's Marathon 2 Maps

Thorn's Marathon Page

Marathon Plaza

Josh Lezniak's Marathon Page

Kelly's Marathon Page

Shaun Groves's Marathon II Maps

Juggernaught's Home Page

The Siege of Thermopylae

Vapor's Marathon 2 Maps

Home Fries Marathon 2 Page

The Marathon Map & Art Association

NetFest '96

Marathon Map Makers Guild Devil T-Shirts

Cory Knox's FTP Site

Marathon Movie Archive

FTP site at Luleâ University, Sweden Marathon Inpfhormation Maker

The Lantern

NetFest Web


WAD Converter

The Marathon Junkie's Wall of Memoirs

Tim and Josh's Marathon 2 Homepage

Ender's Page

The Invisible Stop Sign

Eekman's Marathon 2 Archives

The Pathways Into Darkness Story Page

The Official Unofficial Marathon Web Site

Marathon Physics Model Archives

Pfhrenzy Home Page

Nick's Marathon Page

Marathon Junkies' HomePage

Willyboy's Marathon Page

BryMen's Marathon 2 Page

SoccerGuy's Marathon 2 Page

BryMen's Marathon Infinity Page

Kenneth Schalk's Marathon Page

Niko's Marathon Page

Raymond and Eric's Marathon page

Pfhorce Online

Dan's Marathon Page

Marathon Schedule Board


The Marathon Pistol-Whippers Anonymous Home Page

Minnesota Marathon Players Group


The Chicago Marathon Assault Group

The Australian Marathon Network Site

Pfhorte Home Page

Pfhorte 2

Eggerts homepage

Marathon Physics Model Editor Page Alchemist: The Marathon 2 Durandal Physics Model Editor Page

Object Placement Editor Home Page

Shape Shifter Home Page


The DAKONSoft Web Page

Brett's Marathon Page

Amazons Page

The Underground Marathon Map Homepage


A Fool's Marathon Page

The Khifael Experiment

Marathon Stuff

Marathon West
Go Wif Jeza
MC Canyonlands
BOBCO World Headquarters
Portals Odyssey

Mad Hackerz Maps Page Sam's Marathon File Library

The Terminal Six Marathon 2 Homepage

The Marathon Directory

Yahoo's Marathon Directory

YPN's Marathon Links

Marathon Land...

Epidemic's Marathon Homepage

Kutt's Marathon Page

Bill's Whirled: Marathon

Geekboy's Marathon Links

Joe's Marathon 2 Page

The Marathon Page

Marathon Links

Swedish Marathon Archive

CCN's Marathon 2 Page

Marathon Madness

Dan's Marathon 2 Page

Black Pyramid Software

Mel Wong's Marathon Page

Jack Coyle's Marathon 2 Page

Pfhorge Pfhreaks homepage!

Marathon Engine

The Placid Pladipus Homepage

Twiggy's Marathon Page

Rameses Scenario

Bacteria Joe Creative Marathon Page

Novelty Maps Page

The Marathon to Quake Project

Eric's Infinity Maps

The Marathon Incident

Borzz Gallery of Marathon


Ralph's Marathon 2 Page

Anvil Editing Page

Madame Polly Gunn's Boudoir

Marlan's Marathon Maps

BuggSplat's Marathon Page

California Network Gamers - Marathon

RuGGeR's Tavern

Khral's Marathon Domain

Rabbit's Marathon Page: home of the Atlantis Crew

The Marathon Film Vault


hiroking's Marathon Web Page

The Marathon Hotlist

Marathon 2 Maps

DOH's Marathon 2 Page

Marathon 2 Durandal for Windows 95

Art of Craig Mullins: Marathon

Marathon weapons.. for Traveller

MaraMyth Online

Marathon's Icons

Fredrik's Unofficial Marathon Page

Marathon Shrine

26 Miles - The Marathon Guide

Jason's Marathon 2 Page

Marathon 2 for Win95

Marathon 2 Terminals Guide

Double Aught's Infinity Page

The Unofficial Marathon Infinity Page

Marathon's Players Guild Japan

Chill's Marathon Page

The World of Marathon

Marathon Essentials

Serpentor's Lair

The Marathon Trilogy

Marathon Addicts Power Station

The Pathways Into Darkness Home Page

Marathon Ultimate Moving Spoilers

Marathon: Evil Film Archive

The Marathon Hang Time Guide

ydnar 2.0

Shades of Remorse

The Thing What Kicks... Spoiler

The unoffical CLZ-Marathon-HelpPage

The Marathon Spoiler Guide - Japanese Edition

Marathon Ultimate Moving Spoilers