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Subject: Re: Where's the Rocket Launcher in Marathon 2?
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 22:42:53 -0600
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> ...And then, yet for, not today, but why not however insofar as not,
> (Koichi Takagi) wrote:
> & Okay, I'm on level 10.  The "Spoiler Guide" talks about using my rocket
> & launcher- ?! what rocket launcher?  Haven't seen one yet - did I miss it?
> I just checked it out in Forge, and you missed several. (I didn't know they
> were there either until I looked in Forge.) One is hidden in Level 10 (Eat
> it, Vid Boi) on the west ledge over the lava "moat" (you're starting
> location), although I don't know how to get up there.

The rocket launcher on "Eat It, Vid Boi" can be acquired by grenade
climbing the wall in the lava moat mentioned below.

Select your assault rifle as your weapon, jump into the lava, back up
against the aforementioned wall, begin swimming and firing both triggers
at the same time. When you float out of the lava, the weapon will begin
firing, damaging you and propelling you up to the ledge which contains the
rocket launcher as well as the flamethrower.

Happy Carnage!

Fragile Porcelain Mouse
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