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I had a conversation with the soul today.  The following is a transcript of our talk:

Me: Hi

Soul: Uhuh, yeah. Yep.

Me: how are you?

Soul: I'm fine and dandy. And you? 

Me: I want something to eat. 

Soul: I need a meal, not a snack.

Me: like what?

Soul: I don't know. I'm just making conversation.

Me: so what's up?

Soul: I'm just hanging.

Me: are you sure you don't want some food?

Soul: Are you offering?

Me: yes

Soul: Me too.

Me: want to watch some anime?

Soul: Are you offering?

Me: you already said that 

Soul: You must be mistaken.

Me: you lie

Soul: Why would I lie?

Me: why NOT?!

Soul: Because. 

Me: dummy

Soul: Hot damn!

Me: well...

Soul: I'm just a trapped soul. Let me be. You're interfering with my slow crawl towards infinity.

Me: I'm sorry

Soul: Apology accepted. Just don't do it again. 

Me: so what about infinity?

Soul: Infinity is still a long way off. 

Me: isn't it already out?

Soul: Hot damn!

Me: well goodbye

Soul: See you in the morning, sunshine.

Me: do you have a girlfriend?

Soul: Many.