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Subject: More Minotaur Questions
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Date: 20 May 92 20:25:34 GMT
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I have received many e-mail questions and will try to answer the most asked
ones here for you (and those important things I left out, like where to GET IT
... I knew I wouldn't leave anything important out ... NOT!):

1.  What perspective is the game -- e.g. top-down, 1st person, etc.?

The game is from the top down perspective.  Your character is always centered
on the screen.  I like the perspective for this game but I eagerly await 
(what is it, U10 or something?) the game that will have a bunch of humans
running around a 3-D maze, from 1st person view ... now THAT would be a HOT
net game ... ;)  And you thought WC II took up a lot of memory space ...

2.  How do you control the characters (keyboard, mouse, combo ..) ?

Gee, another insignificant little thing I forgot to mention. :)
The characters are controlled by keyboard, which I personally MUCH prefer.
The arrow keys are used to move around (letters and number pad can also be
used), and the left side of the keyboard controls attacks, item changes,
spellcasting, etc.  At first, I was not happy about this -- it sounded like
would be hunting around the keyboard looking for what key to press while 
someone was hacking away at you.  But, actually, the system was well-thought
out (I think it went through many changes) and it flows very smoothly.
For example, the "R" key will scroll up through your weapons, the "F" key
will scroll down through your weapons, and the "V" key will attack with your
weapon. (Notice these keys are all in line with each other on the keyboard).
The same goes for items ("Q", "A", and "Z"), spells ("W", "S", and "X") and
and armors ("E", "D", and "C").  You'll find that this easy system is crucial
in combat.  In addition, command - ("z", "x", "c", and "v") will allow you
to drop something you don't want.  A clear visual display always shows you
what items, spells, armors, and weapons you have selected.

3.  Can you tell where the other players are in the maze?

Sure, if you adeptly use the Wizard's Compass in combination with the  
Labyrinth Map ;)
You see another player only if he steps onto your screen.  Unless you have him
designated as an ally, he will automatically become your target so you don't
have to fumble around with targeting before blowing the bejeezus out of him.

You will also see someone as a colored dot on your giant Labyrinth Map IF you
have the Wizard's Compass as well.  However, the way you usually find someone
is either ambushing him with a teleport spell (i.e. Shadowgate or Dimension
Door), or him doing the same to you.

4.  Targeting?

You start with a random player targeted.  When a player (non-allied) runs on to
your screen, he becomes the target.  You can change targets whenever you wish
with the command-tab function.  The "+" key designates your current target an
ally.  If an ally shows up on your screen, your target will not change.  Thus,
two or more guys that are allied can attack someone without worrying about
hitting each other.  Believe me, the targeting system being automatic helps a
LOT.  I know this sounded a little confusing as I reread it.  Once you get the
game, it is a lot easier to understand.  BTW, a graphic always shows your 
current target, whether he is an ally or not, what he looks like, his name, and
his record of wins/losses.

5.  System Hardware Requirements?

I don't have the exact information in front of me, but I can get all the 
specifics later on today.  All I know is that we played on a Mac Classic that
didn't have a hard drive all the way up to a IIfx with a 300MB hard drive. :)
I'll post the numbers later tonight.

6.  Where can I get it?

It is available in stores nationwide (some) as well as by mailorder through
Bungie Software.  Again, I don't have the address in front of me, but I'll 
get it and post it with the system hardware requirements later tonight.

I'll be happy to answer any other questions anyone has through either e-mail
or if there's a lot of the same question, I'll post it.


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