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From: (Derek Carroll)
Subject: Re: Marathon Shirts?
Date: 10 Mar 1995 07:41:37 GMT
Organization: The Leap Partnership
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In article <>, (Randall K Petersen) wrote:

> Has anyone gotten the Marathon T-shirts that Bungie advertises in its
> "More Things From Bungie To Waste Your Money On" package insert?
> Which one(s) do you like the most? 
> How long after you ordered it/them did it/they arrive?
> Are they pretty decent quality or flimsy junk?


I ordered a Bungie (corporate motto) shirt from the guys at a user group
meeting, and it came in a week or so.  The quality is good, but nothing
special.  I was kinda annoyed that the word "ass" was in red ink, which
seems to make the phrase "Don't make us kick your ass" awkward.  Oh well.

What I'd really like is shirt with  a simple Marathon logo in the center,
no writing.

Keep running, keep shooting...

Derek Carroll