Get a SPNKR quickly and as soon as possible run through the pool of (harmless) lava in the center of the level to pick up a few extra clips. Sidestepping and survival are tied closely together on this level and stay away from the walls to avoid being caught in the radius of any explosion. Lastly, whenever a platform moves this indicates that a player is on their way - fire a missile in that direction just in case.


The action will undoubtedly center around the recharger. Begin the level by circling the outside paths to pick up a few weapons and then head into the fray.

No Disintigrations

This is a favorite "Ball" level at Bungie. Grab the ball and head for the outside edge of the map. Playing for kills focuses attention in the center and the hope for better weapons.

Ok Honeybunny

Try to stay out of the open middle space on this level. Head for the top floor and circle around to find better weapons. Then head on down to the floor below to do it all over again. The platforms make it difficult to wait for other players to show up on your level, so keep moving.

Lack of Vision

One word... snipers. The ledges give mouse players an advantage and they should focus on staying as high up as possible. Many ledges are difficult to get to and unexpected ambushes can be easily set up. Don't focus too much on the recharger at the bottom of the map.

Flight of the Toolator

The trap/recharger at the bottom of the map is a good place to learn how to negotiate well. If a player is there before you then open fire. Dive into the pools of lava for those special weapons and keep moving to avoid the teleporters. Learn the paths that connect the four main zones - so that the recharger can be found easily.

Giant Flaming Pit of Lava

This should be played as a "Hill" level. The best weapons are in the lava but the two platforms on either side get you out of it quickly. The two primary tactics are: get to the "Hill" as soon as possible or head for the recharger, jump in the lava and take an elevator up to the "Hill." The first method necessitates good sidestepping skills to avoid being knocked into the lava.

House of Pain

Circle around to pick up weapons and then head into the arena proper. However, be aware of the dangers of using the stairs. Players tend to be caught here either by running into another player coming the other way or by fire from the arena.

16th Parallel

Try to follow the aisles rather than running around the outside of this level. However, if you can run in a straight line while doing a torso twist then run down the top or bottom of the map to look for a target. If someone is hiding in an alcove try to fire a grenade to hit the back of the alcove - the area effect should get them. Using dual pistols is a great combination for this level - not only are they accurate but the opponent will have to run far to avoid being shot as - ample time to whittle away their shields.

One Hit Wonder

Seek and destroy... three secret areas hold the best weapons and try them first. Beyond that the strategy is just to keep moving.

Ok, Who Wants Some?

On this level it is possible to sidestep all the way to the middle of the map. As this level tend to be a "Hill" game, getting to the center is vital. Once on the "Hill" notice that the path to it spirals around and non-sidestepping opponents follow this path. Thus, it is fairly easy to calculate where they will appear and to make sure that a couple of grenades are there to greet them.

Everyone's Mortal But Me

If you appear on a top ledge try to find the secret door. Otherwise sidestep-run to the "Hill" and with a bit of luck you'll make it. Otherwise head for the teleporters. If you're on the top of the hill and you see from your motion sensor that someone is coming up on one of the platforms, drop down onto that platform. The player on the platform will most likely not see you and you may kill them at your leisure.

5-D Space

Run... run and then run some more. Learn how the spaces connect - a difficult prospect at best. Either circle the outside edges of either space or try to stay in the middle.