From: (Vincent Kar-Wah Chan)
Subject: Marathon, QT instruments, & Sarah McLachlan
Date: 20 Dec 1994 05:17:22 GMT
Organization: The University of Manitoba
Lines: 15
Message-ID: <3d5pd2$>

Here's a funny story:  up until today, I've been frantically searching 
for some way to get a hold on the Quicktime Musical Instruments extension 
so I can get background music to play on Marathon..  So where does Sarah 
McLachlan fit into all this?  Well, today, I bought her most recent album 
"The Freedom Sessions" (the audio and multimedia version).  And when I 
opened it, lo and behold there was the entire Quicktime 2.0 bundle 
including the QT instruments!  Isn't that neat?


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