Subject: New Marathon Single Player Map
From: (james harvey brewster) 
Date: 1995/05/01
MessageID: 3o20un$
sender: Jim Brewster
organization: University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

As soon as I can get onto amug, I'm going to post my latest map called 
Raider.  This is a four level map that includes a patch for the 
terminals.  You may have seen my first map called Athens Outpost which 
was included in mappack 2.0.  Here is the setup for Raider....

        You are sitting in the long range shuttle Magellan thinking to 
yourself, 'Leela was right, this is a very long trip..'.  All of the 
Marathon scout ships returned when the message was sent that the invasion 
was averted, except one.  When the USS Raider, the largest of the scout 
ships, was not at its designated coordinated slight suspicion aroused.  
After a search was conducted, the Raider was spotted off course, and at 
such a long range it was only luck that it was found.  Not knowing the 
nature of the problem, a specialist was chosen to recover the USS 
Raider.  Only one person could be sent in a striped down long range 
shuttle, with not even an AI to keep you company.  As you look out the 
shuttle window you can see a ship in the distance.  Slipping into the 
battle armor you cherish, you mentally prepare yourself for the worst.  
The Magellan, basically a worthless piece of metal due to the overtaxing 
of its limited engines, approaches the aft section of the Raider.  The 
damage looks superficial from the outside, yet you have no idea about the 
ships condition.  Right before you leave Magellan in the escape pod, you 
remember your superiors orders: Recover the Raider at any cost.  Thinking 
that those orders were cold, you pull the ejection handle.  You maneuver 
the pod towards the hanger.  Just then, as you pass the rear center 
engine, you see something moving in the observation tower.  Not knowing 
what it is, you know that they know you are here.  The landing is smooth, 
and you jump out, fully prepared for the unexpected.  Nothing happens.  
You carefully take inventory of the weapons you brought:

                2 Magnum Mega Class Pistols
                1 Zeus - Class Fusion Pistol
                1 MA75 AR
                6 .44 Clips
                4 Fusion Batteries
                4 MA75 Clips
                4 MA75 Grenades

As you look out in space, you see the objects moving in the rear tower.  
You wonder, if nothing were wrong someone would have been here by now.  I 
think it's time to lock and load......................

I hope this intices you (or maybe it just bored you:)

anyway.... just check it out in the incoming directory mara_map_raider.hqx