Subject:      ANNOUNCE! Operation Tantalus Preview is out....
From: (james harvey brewster)
Date:         1995/12/10
Message-Id:   <4af111$>
Organization: University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

That's right folks, another great new solo adventure for Marathon 1 
is released.  It's called Operation Tantalus, from the maker of 
USS Raider and Athens Outpost.  It includes some new shapes, sounds, 
and physics.  It is a 19 Level non-linear map with a very well 
thought out story.

For more info check out:

Sorry about the previous release date, but it's a lot of work for 
three people.

Right now there is a 1.4Meg Preview of OT at:

This preview contains the first level with some of the sounds 
missing from the full version (to make it a shorter DL time)

The Full Version (3.6Megs) will be available as soon as I can get 
it to AMUG.


Authors of Operation Tantalus

Jim Brewster
David Dericotte
Hamish Sinclair