Subject:      Re: Marathon: USS Raider patch fails
From: (james harvey brewster)
Date:         1995/06/19
Message-Id:   <3s5ld9$>
References:   <> <catambay-1906950927570001@>
Organization: University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

As soon as I noticed there was a problem with the original patch included 
with USS Raider, I uploaded a new patch to

It's called mara_map_raider_termpatch.hqx

I'm sorry for the problems, and yes, I did test it before I uploaded the 
original and had no problems.  The problem occured due to making a patch 
which included info about the memory size of Raider.  I suggest giving 
Raider more memory than the normal Marathon v1.2 (around 5000-5500k).

Also, on the side, I am working on a new map that will be much bigger 
than USS Raider.  It's about 60% finished and I'm working hard with a 
friend of mine (David Dericotte to finish before DF and/or 
Doom ships, fearing people may forget about Marathon for awhile.  For 
this map your going to have to forget everything you know about 
Marathon/DF/Doom.  Here's a it's different 
everytime you play!

Thanks for all your compliments about my previous maps (Athens Outpost 
and USS Raider), without them I would have used my computer for something 
usefull and boring.


Jim Brewster

ps. look for our new homepage coming soon (brought to you by Dave)