Date: 11 Oct 99 15:57:24 MET DST
From: Blink Products <>
To: Hamish Sinclair <>
Subject: hamish, here my final words (IN HTML, so please copy urls)
X-Priority: 1

Now the last time I write about the "marine riding on juggernaut" screenshot.

I'll quickly repeat the one and only real story about this screenshot:

Over a week ago since I met a guy who was, to a friends knowledge, a damn
good VID-Master. He cave me a disc and with this picture on it and 
pretended it was a real Marathon screenshot... I published the picture on the 
Blink Products Page and asked  him to release a Marathon film to prove the 
reality of the screenshot... Well, the film he cave me was the 
same time he quited our weak companionship because of the trouble around his

So, unfortunately it's not possible to get another film to prove the picture. 
Sure now we can start calculating the world-units of Juggernaut and marine 
and analyzing the Marathon engine to prove it was a fake...But obviously, 
this is the end. And obviously we'll never be sure if this picture was real 
or not.

I'd like to finish the discusions with the well-known words of Leela: 
"There are obviously many things which we do not understand, and may 
never be able to"


(Concerning the Oct 10 News, this was a misunderstanding and certainly 
not what I wanted to say!)


The Blink Products
Marathon:Vietnam Group