Network Levels

There are four network levels merged with the map. Since all the levels are merged as network levels, you'll have to look at the titles of the levels to find them. The levels are:

Circle of D'eath

Author: Jeff Schwartz aka DOA
Notes: As with all of DOA's levels, there are secret areas here. I'm sure you can find them. ;)

Power Plug

Author: C Lund
Notes: This level was originally fram back when we intended to include a jetpack in the scenario. Platforms were added to make up for the change.

The Dog Wouldn't Eat It

Author: C Lund
Notes: The original level was in one of the "pseudonets" maps I released way back when. This is a retextured and debugged version.

We're Waiting For The Boxes

Author: C Lund
Notes: A really small network level. It would probably get crowded with more than four players.

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