Hairy Legs
level view - Chimera Line

Help Details:
Author: C Lund

Mission Type: Repair

Notes: It woud have been very nice to include some "earthquake"-type effects when things blow up, but the infinity engine won't allow that. Hopefully it'll be doable with Aleph One.


  1. Entry point. Read the instructions on the terminal. The white indicaters outside this room show you how much (or little) time you have left.

  2. Take the teleporter to the west to go to 3.

  3. The terminal gives you your next set of instructions. The path it gives is of course blocked, but at least you get a fusion rifle if you go that way. To get to 4, jump down into the hangar and take the little door on the east wall. Than go south and take the platform up.

  4. As the terminal says, the southern teleporter on the east wall takes you to 5.

  5. Once the troopers are dealt with, go outside and head north. Don't bother fighting anything.

  6. Take this teleporter to get to 7.

  7. The terminal tells you where to go, but the directions are no good as the doors are jammed. Head south, turn east, and then turn north.

  8. Flip the switch to save the day - or don't. Your choise. If you do as you're told (assuming you get here in time), the reactor shuts down and nothing blows up. Log on to the terminal and leave for the Salinger (Rozinate II). Alternately, you can let things blow up. If that happens, logging on will take you to the pfhor plank (Rozinante III).


  1. Tab the lockers to find a x2 recharger.

  2. This teleporter will take you deeper down than you should be. But there are shotgun shells down there.

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