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Pfhor Rebellion for Evil by Randall J. Currie

• A model for Evil, that changes the gameplay to a new story:

"When the Mystics are encountered, the S'pht are offered a unique
opportunity for freedom. They join forces with these so-called Mystics
and prostrate themselves to their new masters. Having lost the
technological expertise of the S'pht, things quickly fall apart among the
Pfhor forces. While loyal Enforcers, Hunter groups, and Armored Units
deal with this threat, the regular Pfhor among the crew, seeing
cooperation with the Bobs as essential to survival, decides to engage in
an act of mutiny. You are a strong Pfhor warrior and are the leader of
this desperate act of Pfhor mutiny against the Empire. You have even
managed to enlist the aid of a Pfhor AI which brings the Pfhor drones
into the fray on your side. Unfortunately, the Bobs do not yet realize
what is going on and still count you and your comrades among their
numerous enemies."

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