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Models in alphabetical order...

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Models: A

Models: B

Bob Shooter by

• A simple PM that fires Bob out of the SPNKR, hey I think its fun!

Models: C

The Candy Pack by Zealotes and Company

A set of 4 (pfhor) PMs each with different settings, each topping the other to an "ultimate" set of weapons. Each time becoming more and more powerful. I must say it makes for easy killing, and Bob just gets in the way ;)

Crazy Aliens 1.0 by Trevor Johnson

• All Monsters "go crazy" and shoot each other. It makes for some zany game play and is fun for netgames.

Models: D

DC 1 by ???

•A model that makes the pistol look odd, but gives the Rocket Launcher a nice bouncing gernade effect.

Models: E

Entropy Effect by

• A very nice model which replaces the gun shots with energy type bolts. The choices are very stylized and impressive. The PM brings a lot of colour and design to the shots. A very nice model.

Exploda Bob by

• The Pistol shoots Bobs! I mean it fires an exploding Bob! Very cool. The sounds are timed great too! Makes for some good Marathon fun!

Models: F

Fast Guns by

• Like the name says, all the guns are speed up. Pistols fire like Machine Guns, Machine Guns fire like Insane Machine Guns, Insane Machine Guns fire like... Oh you know. Lava is like water and Bob looks like an enforcer, whose pissed at you.

Flash Fire by

• This model changes the weapons up the wazoo. I can't even describe it, but lets just say "Napalm Clouds" and Robotic Bobs. The PM can be played with the M2 map for a twist on the scenario.

Fun Pack by ???

• If one word can describe this PM its "Contrail" its a pack of "8" PMs, each with unique weapons shots. The contrails are artistic and create amazing visuals. Weapons are supercharged, and you can outrun your rockets in some PMs. All in all its a fun-filled-PM-trip-o-rama.

Models: G

GC 2 by ???

• I would describe this as drunken-Marathon. Infact, each shot bounces around, in a rather, well Drunken manner. Making for interesting shots. But to make it fair, the Rocket Launcher now fires a faster moving rocket.

Models: H

Models: I

Models: J

Jason's Models by Jason

• Very Professional. Weapons are well done. The package comes with 3 PMs, with different difficulty levels. However they all lead to "carnage!" Enjoy!

Jetpack by Patrick Gray

• You have heard it before, but its the classic Jet Pack for Marathon, using the TOZT, you have Jetpacking/Gernade abilities.

Models: K

KoolGunz Physics by ???

• Replaces each weapon shot's with alternate, energy based shots. All are very powerful.

Models: L

Models: M

Models: N

Netbob by Michael Watson

• Can't run UT? Don't have 8 G4's networked over a huge LAN? Well do we have a PM for you. NetBob! Play your favorite Marathon Net Map, only replace the Player Stars with Bobs. Prepare to die a lot!

Models: O

Models: P

Pertinax by Jacob

• Pertinax contains more realistic changes to the weapons. The weapons are still balanced, and the aliens are changed to reflect the changes. Its a good replacement which creates stylized weapons and shots.

Pfhor Pflattener by ???

• Drastic weapon changes, from fire and ice, to flechette rounds. All good fun. Bob comes in all flavors, and the marine has a flying/hover talent. The only thing to look out for is Lava and Goo.

Models: Q

Models: R

Models: S

Shadow Master's PM Pack by Shadow Master

• 6 PMs ranging from Invincibility to Invisibility to Elephant Guns. Fun Physics to change you and your weapons. Bob gets beefed up too.

Models: T

Tiny Happy People by Patrick Gray

Models: U

Models: V

Models: W

Wild Alien Weapon by ???

•Now this is a PM, it simply takes the Alien weapon and creates a lethal spread, fires all the ammo so its a one time deal. Very cool!

Models: X

Models: Y

Models: Z