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Title: What Your Soul Sings Author:Scifiteki

The wind up here is chilly, laden with the scent of deadened lilacs. He shivers as it blows over his dry skin, but does not move from his position, frozen staring at the tiny, stuttering fire desperately reaching for life in front of him. His remaining eye is glazed and bloodshot; no true consciousness stares out from behind that shrunken pupil. Its companion is silvery, bloodied and most surely never alive; it reveals even less of its wearer in its reddened gears and smudged, broken lens.

The mountains reach all around him, arcing up into the yellow, muddied sky. Their sides are barren and untouched by plant or snow, only cold dust flickers between the grainy pillars and torn valleys. Down below, in the distance, a frigid river runs thickly tan over rocks, sending echoes of splashing water skittering up the sides of the mountains and to the sky above. In the distance a vast, throbbing jungle of browns and reds stretches into infinity where the mountains finally bend, but that life is but a glimmer amongst the lifeless barren of these environs.

He sits unmoved amongst this alien visage, staring blindly at the gasping flame, his hands lying limply at his sides. His clothing is mostly torn and faded beyond and sense of recognition, but patches of military insignia flutter quietly amongst the torn and abraded cloth. All else is covered in dirt, and blood.

The wind again, and he shivers involuntarily but does not move. Those eyes see nothing.

* -

The shuttle passes through atmosphere bumping jolting. Man now looking up at them. Figure speaks he does not hear. Hands over head, kneading skull. Nightmares again last night stronger harder he has begun to fear.

What will others say

The blood it always ends in blood. Every night it is the same the same repetition ever since he joined. No one told him anything said anything maybe he should just keep his mouth shut? Others looking now stony faces no emotion behind graceless visage they fear nothing I must show no fear as well

'you know the show'

bloodshot eyes look up wants a transfer can't ask. Too late now always too late he means to ask goes to ask (but brushed away?) soon he will not be able to handle it the dreams coming closer now invading the link the link that damn link.

Ever since eye gone now the dreams. Is it the link or maybe just him is he imagining it impossible. No. Can not be. The blood now he sees it in the link sometimes he's afraid now afraid of himself other things in the dream terrible things. Whispers in the dark. Shadows in the daytime.

Am I going insane

Too late to ask that question now the doors are open shouting shouting. Terrible voice all the time he's sick of that voice. The blood. No. he picks up the gun and the armor and it is all like he has done it a thousand times before (he has?) shouting now but mind focused on the present on the now. Do the job for your country planet for the grand old council. Steps out.

'pfhor old ship rebel kill them


I know how do that

(he thinks)

I will do that steps into running river jungle all around humming throbbing he hates the jungle. Full of blood. He runs others running up the river and into the jungle into the darkness. Mountains he sees in the distance pretty so clean in the grime that assaults everything. Surrenders to link feel it fill limbs lets it run him into the darkness.

Feet. Ground. Breath. Individual impulses one at a time flashes through the sweating gloom. He can feel the blood now on the edges but rides the link the link is safety (is it?) through the nightmare. I don't want the blood. Other splashes in the darkness friends allies other links feel them through the link (we are one) running through the shadow.

- -

The fire has gone out. The unseeing eyes focus reluctantly, casting around, insensate. Surrounding him, the wind is beginning to pick up and the passageways of the mountains are filled with the hollow scream of rushing air. He scrabbles for a moment in his pocket, and pulls out a small, tarnished sliver canister with a ring-pull attached to the side. Listlessly, he sets it aside and casts his hands about again until they find refuge on a small pile of reddish sticks tucked under rock. The hands move independently of that bloody eye and soon the fire chokes to life again under uncaring fingers.

A glinting spark in the distance momentarily drags his eyes away from the glowing fire and to the snarl of life that shivers in the distance, beyond the mountains. A shiver of regret passes over that expressionless face, and then it sinks back into the silence of his eyes. They return to the fire again and stare torpidly into the scarlet fingers that lick desperately at alien wood.

* -

a depression rise before the fall.

Ship beyond rusted hulk old dream he recognises the dream. So long ago now or perhaps only a little while? First coming. Yes he remembers he was there when they fell from the sky terrible battles nightmares back then not so strong. They he won but he comes again to this place. Symmetry he thinks the decayed wreck glinting in the faint morning sun. link sees figures scurrying through enemies gun twitches BLOOD. A will and they move.

Swift clean across the depression. Finger down finger on trigger DEAD. Fall to ground blood. More coming fire more death. Figures fall no defence. He they move as one across depression and into the gargantuan carcass of old ship. Into darkness (into blood)

Noises in the dark

Blood in the dark

Running down a corridor flickering lights. Water spashing at heels (coolant?) others beside faces sharp in glittering illumination. The blood is closer now closer than ever before he feels it pressing on his mind whispers from forgotten corners. Cannot turn away from it. Must keep running run away from blood and madness.

Flash burn other falls back screaming (chittering in shades) gun up fire fire fire screaming everyone screaming blood from the darkness fire fire fire he comrade all screaming and shooting and screaming flashes past falling blood spurt then


Heavy breath. Smoke on air. The blood is so close now breath shuddering in and out

Looks up sees blood looks right sees blood looks left sees blood all everywhere creeping along the walls floor towards him TOWARDS HIM backing away nowhere to turn. Friend looks up concerned reaches out with link. Cannot find no contact. Friend mouth open no sound blood coming closer and closer creeps over friend he cannot see. Breath in out quickly now hyperventilating as blood creeps to feet. Whispers louder now everywhere all around left link eye throbbing uncomfortably.

Friend screams

* -

A dull, faraway roar shudders through the mountain passages and washes over his motionless figure. The sound provokes a response, and once again he lifts his head up to slowly scan his surroundings and the horizon beyond. There are more sparkles dancing above the jungle, closer now, moving too and fro in a ceaseless searching pattern. Under the howling wind, the terrible roar of thrusters firing creeps across his senses. He stares at the little lofty gems dispassionately, in the manner of a man awaiting judgement.

His hand moves unconsciously as he gazes out, scurrying under a rock behind him and returning with cold metal. He stares down at the gun, heavy in his hands, his eye following the curves of the steel with strangled uneasiness. It lingers over the brown stains on the handle with lifeless fascination, his fingers tracing the dried outline as one might caress a lover's face. Again the roars come, louder, but he stares back into the fire with no consternation.

The light from the fire flashes on his scarred face, burning deep within the remaining soulless pupil. His mouth works involuntarily, mouthing whispers and fragments of words as he loses himself in his mind.

* -


The blood is his mouth creeping in link like it is going to explode (it does?). he shudders and shakes fingers twitching eye rolling he can feel them inside his soul icy fingers clutching whisper whisper whisper. All around catches fire explodes implodes falls apart and starts again stars alight. A hand on his brow through the chaos then shatters into glass. He screams and falls to the ground but it does nothing and he is falling falling so far.

Hand again but this time he reaches up and breaks it tears it away. Startled screaming but he laughs does not recognise it and then he lunges bites neck feels blood in teeth so delicious so pure tremble delight. Fires gun into head explodes. Feels more behind him raises gun and FIRES and KILLS and running past through darkness blood whispers KILL ALL kill them. another frightened face tear apart jugular rending under hands. Feels so good so right. other comes different kills it same watches it fall in pieces.

Seems like forever always running and running no one can stop him walks from on end to other finds all of them and kills all of them tastes their life that's what they said to to KILL and he has he has.

Falls to ground in front of ship covered in blood rolling in blood laughing whispers are roars and blood is everywhere in a sea of. He falls upon one an

Sees a face

Something buried deep deeper screams wordless torment he stands. What am I become what have I. Hands flow with other's sticky warm horrifying. Stomach empties. Blood everywhere trying to break in but he CAN can stop STOP reaches up fist





AGONY sharp in head and blood falls away as he falls to the ground clutching eye and the link shatters is gone. Broken. Feels less feels


Stares at what he has done so many dead so many friends at his hands the depression is laced with blood from one end to the other human alien all blended to one what can he do? The madness lingers back of his head calling softly. I am a peril. He turns runs and runs and runs through the jungle hears groans but ignores them. through the darkness out pacing deed and guilt. Stumbles and rises and runs again over and over crying and gasping and vomiting.

The river reaches falls down in cool yellow water washes blood away. Hears roars static they will be looking for him now where can he go what should he do (he should give in?) but he can't.

Looks up sees mountains on horizon rising above the jungle so stark and beautiful. Seen before hasn't he yes. Perhaps he could? Starts running up river runs and runs runs so fast away from shame and remorse and all acts and the whispers that rush just underneath.

To the mountains. To death.

* -

He looks up from the fire and his mouth stops. The flames are dwindling again, but he has nothing more to feed them with, all the firewood gone. The gun in his hand shimmers in the grey light, passing distorted visions of his ruined countenance up into his eye. The roars have become steady now; echoing through the stony hills constantly, so close by they could be just around the next girder of ashen stone. A regretful expression has established itself on his face as he stares up at the splotchy sky, gun in hand.

Abruptly he screams, a thin high sound that launches out and reverbs along the inert sides of the mountains, shrieking into the cloudy sky. His eye is clenched shut and tears run uncontrollably from both sides of his face, pouring down his cheeks and onto the dusty ground. He pauses for a moment and looks desperately down at one of his hands, then lets it strike upwards and take a firm hold of the broken metal in his right eye. He grunts, and then it flies free with an anguished choke, trailing blood and nerves. What remains is but a devastated ruin, bleeding freely.

With a stagger he stands, gun in hand, and totters to the side of the little cliff, trailing sticky blood and pus. With one good eye, he stares down at the swirling river far below, an unreadable determination behind that solid blue and black.

And then he jumps forward, throwing himself into the cold wind-swept air, no expression on his blood- and tear- stained face, plummeting freely towards the sweet boiling water.

Halfway down, the gun is raised and the shot shatters the top half of his head, sending a final spray of red into the alien air.

And then the river sweeps him away.

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