Adaption by Blayne S. And Justin V.

The human lifted a gloved hand and removed the helmet from its head, revealing the same features that Reehath had come to associate with the humans. But this one was different. This one seemed very calm. It opened its mouth slightly, parting its lips, and two rows of white teeth were revealed.

Reehath was very frightened. He had no idea what to expect, as he did not have a mouth of his own. It began to talk to him, using the language he had heard other humans using, but it wasn't screaming or high pitched, it was soft and reassuring, very different than any human he had encountered before.

"Follow me, there is still much to learn and I could use your help," said the human.

Reehath couldn't understand what he was saying, but closed his cloak, hiding his weapon, and moved closer to him. The man waved for the Seefit to follow, and began walking towards the door. Durandal's voice spoke directly to him,

"Do not worry Reehath, this human is my messenger, he is my hands. He will be able to help you for you have a long way to go.
I want all the Seefit to gather in the grand hall of this ship, but you are far away from the hall and most of the others are already there. Trust him.

Durandal's voice quieted, but his words still rang in Reehath's head. He didn't really know why but he decided to trust the human and followed the Messenger out of the room.

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Origional Story by Steve Levinson.
Adaption by Blayne Scott and Justian Vessair
Illustrations by Blayne Scott 2003
1st Edition