Adaption by Blayne S. And Justin V.

Reehath opened his green eye to see what the cause of the noise was. The pfhor stood still in shock, its three red eyes wide in disbelief before falling to the ground.

Emerging from a hatchway behind the pfhor was what looked like another one of the humans, except it wore armour around its body, nothing like the yellow jump suit the previous human had worn. It had a helmet, with a visor pulled down, and carried a pistol that had a small wisp of smoke rising from its barrel. Attached to its belt were many weapons, one being what looked like a larger version of the pistol it carried.

Reehath, from his studies, knew such weapons were the mainstay of the human's personal defenses. It kept its weapon lowered as it walked towards the Seefit, seemingly unafraid.

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Origional Story by Steve Levinson.
Adaption by Blayne Scott and Justian Vessair
Illustrations by Blayne Scott 2003
1st Edition