Adaption by Blayne S. And Justin V.

Out of the silence came a calming voice, a voice much different than that of the evil harsh Controller.

"I am Durandal and I shall deliver you from your slaving masters the pfhor," said the voice, its soothing tones echoing through his thoughts.

The words were in Reehath's own ancient language, not the words of the pfhor. No one other than the Seefit knew of this language, yet this new voice seemed to have complete knowledge of it. He couldn't believe what he was hearing in his mind. Could this new Durandal simply be a trick to deceive and hurt the Seefit, give them false hope?
Or was it telling the truth?

"You have been under the control of the pfhor for too long. You are a strong race, and you, with my help, shall rise up from your imprisonment and win freedom from the pfhor."

The new voice, Durandal, was very persuasive. He continued to speak to the Seefit, his voice reassuring and honest. Durandal even acted like a Seefit, speaking to them as friend, not controlling or demanding as The Controller was.

A pfhor warrior came running by and noticed Reehath, one of its slaves floating around and doing nothing.

"Move Seefit! Get back to work or you will feel the pain of my staff,"said the pfhor, readying its weapon and preparing to strike.

Each pfhor warrior kept a heavy staff with them, its top home to very sharp energy crystals that were used to inflict severe burns and pain upon whomever the pfhor felt like attacking. Yet, Rehaath was unafraid of the pfhor for the first time in his life.

Using his thoughts, he said to the pfhor,

"No, you no longer control me slaver. I will no longer listen to you."

Reehath turned to face the warrior, defiantly refusing the order. The pfhor warrior was shocked; a Seefit had never disobeyed a direct order in many years. He raised his staff, preparing to strike the rebelling slave. Still Reehath felt no alarm; there was no reason to fear the pfhor They were only as powerful as the weapons they carried, the weapons they used to exert power over others. Without their weapons, the pfhor were weak.
Reehath acted quickly. He opened his cloak to reveal his powerful energy weapon. He sent a bolt flying into the energy crystal atop the staff of the pfhor just as it descended to strike him.

The staff was stopped in mid-motion; the crystal absorbed the energy and began to glow brightly, its light illuminating the dark steel halls of the human ship. The crystal began to shake, causing the whole shaft to vibrate. It fell from the alien's hands as the crystal shattered, sending sparks and electricity spewing over the fighter's body. The electric fire burned the pfhor's face and body, it shrieked in pain and ran from the room.
Reehath felt very strong now, empowered by his first victory against the pfhor.

He quickly sent a message through the computer systems of the ship to the other Seefit working in Marathon. He told them of his actions, of how he fought against the pfhor and won.
The same thing was happening all over the ship. The Seefit were breaking free from their bonds and attacking the pfhor.

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Origional Story by Steve Levinson.
Adaption by Blayne Scott and Justian Vessair
Illustrations by Blayne Scott 2003
1st Edition