Adaption by Blayne S. And Justin V.

The hunter, underneath its armour, grimaced in the intense light from the eye. Reehath fired his own weapon once, the bolt arcing out between the two enemies, hitting the hunter's own charged weapon. The energy of the two weapons were combined and reversed, the incredible amount of power racing throughout the armour of the hunter. Light was glowing through the cracks in the hunter's armour, growing in intensity until it became almost blinding.

The armour ripped apart, the explosion filling the room.

When the dust had cleared, the Messenger stood up to view the scene. The hunter was gone and floating alone was Reehath, unhurt and proud in the face of his victory.

"Thank you messenger, you saved me. I barely know you, but you saved me," said Reehath.

"We need each other, I only did what you would have done for me," said the Messenger back.

They rested for a moment, recovering from the battle and then exited the room. They were greeted with bright lights.

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Origional Story by Steve Levinson.
Adaption by Blayne Scott and Justian Vessair
Illustrations by Blayne Scott 2003
1st Edition