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Title: Renegade Chapter 1 Author: Havoc 101

"Woah!" Brian yelled.

He stood in a room. Brian didn’t know where he was, so he surveyed his surroundings. There was no door, no window, there was nothing there but him.
“Where... am I?” he said, confused and frightened all at once.
“Lieutenant Brian Cole, you have been called upon to serve,” a strange alien voice said.
“What..what do you mean?” Brian asked the strange voice.
“You and I will fight to save our planets from ultimate destruction. It’s time to get prepared. Teleport when ready,” the voice said again. “What...what do you mean teleport when ready?” Brian asked. He suddenly saw his hands turn into static light, and the world around him disappear around him. The static light on his hands was gone, and he was standing in an armory. There were tons of weapons around him. SMGs , Assault Rifles, Magnums, flamethrowers, shotguns, and even alien weapons.
“Take your weapons and then head for the door over there. Don’t reject, because if you do, I’ll just kill you and find someone else,” the voice told him.
“What, kill me? Get me out of here, now!” Brian yelled.
“Don’t reject, because if you do, I’ll just kill you and find someone else,” the voice repeated. Deciding that an armory wasn’t a good place to die, he took all the weapons and ammo he could find in the room. He then walked through the door in the armory. To his surprise, the door was actually and airlock, and when he walked out he went flying into space. Good thing he had his marine armor on to protect him.
“Holy shit, what did you do…I’m going to die today!” he yelled through the cold mass of space.
He suddenly saw his hands turn to static again, and next thing he knew he was in the ruins of what looked like Earth. He was in the ruins of a military base. The sky was grey, it was cold, and there were dead people everywhere . This didn’t make Brian feel comfortable.
There was a terminal in front of him, and he activated it.

Terminal Dialogue:
Welcome to Earth 2 years in the future. This is the future of Earth, and it isn’t a bright one. Seven years in the past, Durandal has taken a marine named Bob to Lh'owon. There, they will fight the Pfhor. Durandal will send Bob on different missions. While Bob is distracted, Durandal will see to it that he lead the Pfhor to Earth. It isn’t something he’s been plotting and going over for years, but he wants to see who will win, Humanity or the Pfhor. You can clearly see the results. He’s a maniac, and he must be stopped. You must go to Lw’owon seven years in the past to stop him. Humanity’s life is at stake here. You only have a five days to stop him. Go now.
End Message/Teleport When Ready

“Oh great, all of this and now time warp. I’ve had weirder days,” Brian said to himself.

Lw’owon/ Seven years in the Past

Brian saw the old world of Lw’owon materialize in front of him. He didn’t have time to think, because a green claw swung at his head. He ducked a took out his assault rifle. In front of him, he saw the ugly green monstrosity that was F'lickta. He blew it away with his Assault Rifle. Then watched as three more appeared out of the sewer water in front of him.
He turned around and ran through a door. He was now outside. The night air cooled off his hot face. He must have been in Lw’owon’s massive sewer system. He was now on top of some alien skyscraper.
He went to the edge and looked down. There was a whole city around him. Below, he could see a battle going on between F’lickta and Pfhor. The Pfhor were winning, of course, but the F’lickta were taking a lot of fighters and S’pht down, also.
“Were the hell am I now?” he asked the air.
A box teleported in front of him. He opened it, hoping to see some kind of weapon or ammo, but instead there was an unplugged terminal.
The terminal turned on. He activated it and looked at the text it held.

Terminal Text:

I bet you’re wondering where you are. You are in one of the many cities of the S’pht. You are currently on top of a sewer building, holding hundreds of F’lickta. I have a weapon for you at the bottom of the building. You might want to run and forget fighting, because the F’lickta aren’t too happy right now. Actually, I’ve never seen any that aren’t pissed. They’re slow, but there are a lot, so be careful. And I also bet you’re wondering who I am. I’m the UESC AI Leela, and I will be your cheat guide through Durandal’s maze of puzzles. He went through the sewer system and found the weapon. To his surprise, it was just a pistol with an extended clip. He picked it up, examined it, and saw that the clip was the only thing different about it. He was about to think differnetly. A bunch of Fighters walked into the room. Brian yelled a cuss word, and fired the magnum in his hand. To his surprise, it fired like an SMG. “Hell yes!” he yelled as the Fighters dropped, bullet holes spewing yellow blood everywhere. When they were dead, he walked out of the building, into the street of the alien city. There was a huge battle between Pfhor and F’lickta. He avoided the streets and after a while of wandering, found a terminal. He activated it but the only text it had was this:

Haha. This message is from yours truly, Durandal, or as many like to call me, a friend of a friend. 2045464879.1 billion years till the universe explodes. We’re going to 204546878 years. It will be one year till it explodes. Yah! Teleport When Ready

Billions of Years in the Future/Durandal’s Arena of Death

Brian materialized in a large arena. The sky as Space, and there was a large galxy surrounded by stars overhead. He suddenly saw an army of S’pht come floating down into the arena. “Shit, or shall I say S’pht,” he heard Durandal laugh somewhere in the distance. Brian stood his ground as the compilers drifted ever closer. "All this, and no shotgun?" he idly commented to no one in particular. Eyes determined, Brian strode forward toward battle.
* * *

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