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Title: Rebellion Chapter One Author: Havoc 101

The Story So Far:
The S’pht, the soldiers of the Rebellion. They have joined the human’s side against the Pfhor after a recent attack on the human battle ship, Delta Atlas. A small group of humans have boarded the Pfhor ship, killed the cyborg minion that had held the S’pht prisoner, and freed the S’pht. The humans and the S’pht are now charging through the Pfhor ship, hoping to find some way to disable the ship, and give the soldiers on the battle ship a fighting chance against the Pfhor soldiers there.

Pfhor Ship; 12:53 P.M

Seargent John Webster walked through a puddle of yellow alien blood. He, three marines, and four S’pht were making their way through the alien ship, killing everything in their way. They were heading for the ship’s main power source, were they could disable the ships weapons and shields, giving Delta Atlanta an unblocked shot at the ship with its energy cannons. The plan was destroy the power source, then find a window facing the battle ship, and teleport out. This would hopefully give the humans and the S’pht a small victory against the Pfhor.
They had just fought a group of fighters that were blocking their path to the power room. They know made their way into the room after that. The room had large pools of glowing green, puddles of alien goo on each side of it. The room was long, with a small pathway that could only fit one person at a time, and separated the two pools of goo and acted like a bridge to the other side. The bad thing was that there were several enforcers backed up by hunters on the pathway. The S’pht took position above the alien goo, firing small blasts of energy at the enforcers, taking them down at an alarming rate. Once the enforcers were gone, the S’pht fled back into the room they had previously been in. You couldn’t really blame them since the hunters would take more S’pht out, than the other way around. That left the job to John and his team. “Hunters, use grenades only. Crouch formation.,” John yelled to his team.
He then crouched down, giving the marine behind him a clear shot at the hunters. They both fired their Grenade Launchers until all that was left of the hunters was armor and yellow blood. They made their way into the next way. The next room was big, with a giant bridge that led across the other side of the room. Below the bridge, laid the slowly flowing alien goo, that slightly illuminated the dark room. They started their way across, only to find that it was an ambush. The doors on each end of the bridge locked, and hundreds of ticks flew out of the vast darkness above them. “Ticks, use Assault Rifles, fire like you haven’t fired in a 1000 years!” John yelled.
“Sarge, if we live through this and make it back to the ship, the first thing I’m going to do is get a beer,” One of the marines said.
John was about to reply when the ticks fired thousands of goo at them. The marines and the S’pht returned fire, sending many of the flying monster’s corpses into the alien goo. It wasn’t to long before he heard the static sound of the S’pht dying. He ran out of Assault Rifle ammo soon, and had to switch to dual pistols. He was about to fire when a S’pht got in his way.
“What the hell are you doing?” he yelled at it.
It ignored him, and he watched it while trying to doge the wasp blasts. He saw that the S’pht had somehow managed to open the door on the other side.
“Come on marines, move your asses in this direction,” John said while pointing at the open door.
They all made it through in one piece, but with injures, lots of injures.
“Where are we now?” John asked.
“Sir, I think we’re in the power center,”


* * *

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