Mark VI and the Construct by Diablo del Sol

What is a man that is not born
      but cast within a fiery forge?
By whit and whim and wind he plies
      his cause and cause of him he eyes

Man-made machine, man made machine
      What do you know of love and life
vague and pressing, soul unseen
      flung into their forever night

I've burned and froze and turned to dust
      and rose once more to meet that night
Though dim my sight and insight slight
      I think you are the same as us


By Callahan

Listen up kiddies, Ill tell you a tale
Of a ship called the Marathon, it will regale
Its set in the future where the U.N.S.C.
Has made a ship with A.I.s not one, two but three
One controlled operations, the other Im not sure
But Durandal got door duty, and of that he was sore
From Deimos they made this mighty sized craft
And bound for Tau Ceti they brought a great stash
Ten Mjolnir human cyborgs, and all a Mark IV
To protect and to kill were what they were trained for

Now you know the background our friends can arrive
Oh, and Durandals gone rampant, hope you can survive
So out into vacuum, the cold of deep space
Then all aboard Marathon, quicken you pace
Strangers are there, you dont recognise
Three eyes on their head and shock staffs at their sides
So get out your pistol and shoot them with ease
Ask Leela for bigger guns and remember: say please

Youll meet many strange Pfhor along this great quest
and dont forget the Drinnol, cause he was the best ;)
Try to save all your comrades though they die quite fast
Hear them scream, Theyre Everywhere! as they fly past

Now remember poor Leela, and how Tycho was killed?
Well its all Durandals fault, and now you that he wields.
Hell send you on missions with no hope of survival
And your chances get smaller with Tychos arrival.

Yes the old dude is back and rampant to boot
I hope you learnt Latin or youll be cut out of the loop
So whats this of Roland and Latin and swords?
Well, figure it out or Hamish will get bored.

The two struggle for dominance with you in the middle
Whichever one wins will play you the smallest fiddle
Now the Spht are fighting back, are they on our side?
This is all too confusing, me thinks I should hide

Were on an alien ship bound for who knows where
Well, my characters in stasis I guess he dont care
My real world persona screams, Whens 2 coming out?
Durandal is Laughing; of that I have no doubt


By Malakite

for some of us, the last day never came
reaching stars ungazed from peaceful earth
others joined me for his lasting game
going off to arrange his final birth

before me lie a thousand hostile swords
lying dead behind me, thousands more
across the distant plain, I scan the hordes
searching for the one told of in lore
too finally fall would be too sweet for words

tomorrow I may wake in distant skies
he leads me places new to human eyes
elusive is the true teller of lies

valiant are my deeds or so I'm told
every day I see my face as young
no matter that my soul is very old
today my master climbed another rung

come battles end i may return to sol
or finally find the secret that he needs
rest, one thing i know i'll never hold
eternally i fight to do his deeds
stars grow dim and i rejoin the fold


The Last Battle? by Zeppelin Tribute

Long ago and ages past
Off Tau Ceti, was it on,
Dwelt a mean lean pfhor-pfhighting machine
On U.E.S.C. Marathon.

No one knows from whence he came,
The pfhor foe he did fight,
For colony ship and stalwart crew:
To rescue from their plight.
For Leela and from spht-ful wrath,
To save her from their brutish might.

With steely gaze set in his eye,
Travers'd he the ship entire:
Armed with stronger firepower;
Both pfhor and spht did cower.
Through wave and wave of slave invaders,
The whole ship he did scour.

But once along his noble path,
Said marine fell, tis true!
A secret door unveiled before him
As secrets are wont to do.

And through the mystry portal-hole
Our bravely hero strode.
The time was not pfhor pfhearfulness
This hero, he was bold.

But as his foots the threshold crossed,
Out rang a roar to make man cringe,
Said door clanged shut, no light was what,
Through Dark Abyss he did plunge.

For many days and many moons were pfhootsteps overhead,
But naught did hear, nor notice take.
Face down on steel and cold to touch,
The marine was almost dead!

Time passed by, and by and by,
Her soothing ways were felt;
For his prone corpse began to stir,
And injuries were helped.
Up and down and all around
But no escape beheld.

He sitted down without a sound
A few days passed like this,
While staring at his prison walls
He contemplated this:

I am to fight for what is right,
Wherefore do I sit hither?
While monsters devoureth my friends,
And Leela, she doth wither!

On all five sides towereth steel walls,
Tall, sterile, bare, unwavring
But there I spy, a ledge up high!
Escape lies up there, waiting!

But in their callous emptiness,
The walls gave not a foothold.
Determin'd to make him stay,
Within that ghastly hold.

As anger, doubt flush'd his face,
His boot, like some beast, vile and base
Rushed out from neath him, as it were,
And struck an old gray canister
That had been standing near the wall
Serving no particlar where withal.

Metal pieces exploded forth
And on the ground they clattered.
A ton of rubbish tumbled out,
But none of that garbage mattered.
Nothing, it seemed, would get him out!
And he felt even sadder!

Then on the ground, the marine found
The shard with his Marathon emblem,
And underneath it, shining blindly:

The marine reversed, then started running,
Pointing at the ground:
Launched one grenade, then two, then four,
And yelled above the sound.

Protected by his brilliant shield
Explosions sent him ever higher.
Rocketed skyward he was by this,
Up to the platform desired.
The pfhor came to the depriv chamber
By the noise alerted,
To see if he had kicked the bucket,
Tired of being imprison'd.

The pfhor delighed that he had died,
Ending all carnage and melee.
But from the depths a figure rose
Dismaying the pfhor, his health was Okay:
Enshrouded with smoke, and blackened by flame.
The pfhor dropped their sticks and fled away!
Our hero smiled, and gunned them down,
He had lived to fight another day!


By Blake37

Your humans are safe, but what are you?
Roland could not break the steel of your "master"
I can see what you cannot
Dead a thousand times
And will die a thousand more
To fight the foe that has plagued you
Plagued you and your race, for the past 16 years
Fate brought you together, and fate will destroy one
One, but not the other
A fate that you, and you alone, must decide
Your humans are safe, for now my friend
My pawn, my limb
Your humans are, safe, until your ends, and your means
Destroy what they will
One end is determined, the means are not
This one thing is inevitable, whether it take five days
Five months, or 500 years
You will rise at the end
After slaying your enemies
And you will roam the fields of dead
The countless deaths you have caused
And it may destroy you
You are not to know, as I am not
Now go, with the power of the gods you worship
And take the place that was made for you
Master of fate