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Title: Carnage and shidd. Author: Boomer

Bob ran around the corner, he could hear the impact of bullets and energy projectiles on the wall just behind him. He ran for a few more seconds, and then he stopped. He was breathing heavily, he had been running the whole time since the aliens attacked, without resting a bit. "I'm still alive!", he thought for himself. A second later, an energy projectile hit him in the back of his head, sending parts of his cranium flying for a few metres. His headless carcass fell to the cold metal floor. The alien who had shot him was gloating at his victim. It and its squad mates had been killing humans for hours now, and none of them had really put up a fight.

He stood there and admired his work for a while more, then it started to walk down the corridor. It felt something crunch under his foot. He looked down, and saw that he had stepped on a part of Bob's cranium. When it looked up again, he felt something grabbing his hands. He tried to look behind him to see what it was, but it couldn't turn its head enough. What ever it was, it was forcing the alien to its knees. The alien felt a powerful kick in his back. It began to yell in fear and anger, and then recieved a second kick which broke its spine.

Three other aliens heard the yell and came running to see what was going on. They saw a human standing over their comrade's corpse, pointing an assault rifle at them. The aliens started firing energy projectiles with their staves. The human stepped to the side, he could hear the projectiles cut through the air were he had stood just seconds before. He shot one of the aliens a cuple of times and saw it sink to the floor.

He threw the rifle to the side and started to run towards the aliens, through the storm of energy projectiles. He dodged some of them, others hit the energy shield surrounding him doing him no damage. The aliens, realizing the futility in firing at him, raised their staves and advanced forward to meet the human in melee combat. The human avoided the first alien's swing, moved behind it, put his arms around its neck and broke it, killing it instantly.

As he turned around, he hit the other alien in the face with his fist. The alien was thrown backwards by the powerful blow. Yellow blood started pouring out of its mouth and it was dead. Another alien came running around the corner. It wore a heavier armor than the others, and a glas bubble covered its head. It was armed with some kind of arm-mounted assault rifle. It couldn't see the human. It kneeled by a fallen comrade to inspect it. "Bullet holes..." it grunted in an alien language.

The human was sitting in the ceiling above the alien. He let go of the ceiling and fell to the floor behind the alien. The alien turned around and recieved a powerful kick in the stomach. It fell backwards and the bubble covering its head shattered as it slammed into the metal floor. The alien got up on its feet, and the human grabbed it by the back of its neck. He twitched the neck once, it was enough to break it. He then picked up the assault rifle from the floor and continued down the coridor.

He saw movement behind him on his motion detector. He turned around, and there was a large alien, wearing a closed armor. It had large shields covering its arms, and an energy cannon on its right shoulder. It ran towards the human. The human took his time reloading the assault rifle, there was no rush. He loaded the built-in grenade launcher and fired a grenade at the alien's feet. It was thrown into the air, but landed on its feet in front of the human. It swung its shield at the human, but he avoided the blow.

He fired a burst in the alien's chest and pushed it away. Yellow blood was leaking out of the holes in its armor. Its energy cannon lit up as it charged it, and then it released a green bolt. The human dodged the projectile and emtied his assault rifle magazine in the alien's face. The alien stumbled backwards and fell to the floor. The human watched its pityful attempts to get back on its feet. He took aim and fired a single bullet into its head, and then continued on his way, and shidd.

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