Mar 22, 2013

New on Simplici7y

Rubicon Magnum v1.2
Rubicon Magnum by MarathonPfhorever adds the original pistol from Marathon: Rubicon X to Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity. Go on make someone's day with a Rubicon Magnum.

Mar 17, 2013

New on Simplici7y

Enhanced HUD for Marathon Phoenix
Enhanced HUD for Marathon Phoenix by fiddler_on_a_roof is a modification of Hopper's XBLA HUD for Marathon 2 and Infinity to be used with Marathon Phoenix. Marathon Phoenix can be found here.

Feb 28, 2013

New on Simplici7y

Realism Pack
Realism Pack by PerseusSpartacus is a shapes and physics pack designed to make Marathon Infinity more realistic. Realistic? Yes, realistic. Priscilla curtains in hangar ninety six and modified assimilated BoBs. Anyone for tea?

Feb 16, 2013

New on Simplici7y

Marathon Infinity Multiplayer Enhancement Pack
Another update of JohannesG's Marathon Infinity Multiplayer Enhancement Pack. Version 1.5 gives you some bug fixes and additional enhances like bullet speed increases and the return of the good old automatic KKV-7 SMG.
Designed by humans... for use against humans. The Man gives this another thumbs up.

Feb 10, 2013

laborem habes facere

laborem habes facere (it's all Latin to me) is the newly refurbished Marathon file site Additions include an actual text search, along with browse options by date, author, or category. Thanks to Treellama's Ferro, the site also searches individual map level names, even if they weren't in the entry title or description.

Feb 5, 2013

New on Simplici7y

Four of Diamonds
Four of Diamonds by Crater Creator is a net map designed to support all gametypes: vanilla EMFH, KOTH, and KTMWTB; and CTF & Rugby via their respective netscripts.

Fort Roque 1.0.1
Fort Roque also by Crater Creator is a net map loosely based on a Call of Duty map. Version 1.0.1 reduces the shield recharger to a 1x. Shield rechargers in a net map? Whatever will they think of next.

Feb 2, 2013

New on Simplici7y

Marathon Infinity Multiplayer Enhancement Pack
Marathon Infinity Multiplayer Enhancement Pack by JohannesG is a physics model which enhances Marathon weapons for multiplayer matches. Changes include the removal of weapon switching delay. No delay?!!!
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