Jun 18, 2001

Short n' Sweet...

Scenario News

An update on how M1 to A1 is going can be found over umm... here. Mmm... M1A1 desktop pictures.

Story Page Forum

Why can't people leave that poor Soul alone? Monty Python references now?

That is all... Except for this...

Jun 16, 2001

Just like you said not to long

Marathon Open Source

Loren Petrich has given us a status report on how Pfhortran is coming along. Take a peek at what he is up over @ the Source.


Still chug'n away (100+ posts and day) with phase two at the glyph forum. Head on over and don't forget your thinking cap.

Why can't those guys at the Marathon's Story Forum leave that poor soul alone?

Jun 14, 2001

Stick a fork in it...

Woohoo! We're live, and boy, does it feel good! Welcome to the newly-overhauled Marathon portal at bungie.org. A HUGE thank-you to Nathan Kline, who designed this elegant yet functional site you're visiting now; thanks to him, Marathon news at bungie.org finally has a place to call its own! (The bungie.org front page will still get Marathon updates - but this page can be used for any Marathon news, not just bungie.org Marathon news.) The primary maintainers will be doughnut and Nathan, though (as is the case in most b.org sites) others will be popping in now and then.

Navigation should be pretty straightforward... but just in case it's not, here's a rundown. All major Marathon-related forums can be accessed from the top links on this page - forums provide an avenue for conversation, and are therefore the lifeblood of any online community. Below that, you'll find all bungie.org hosted sites listed on the left, and some important non-b.org Marathon net links on the right. The misc links section is just that.

News, of course, you've already found. Again, we'll be using this page to give you updates on bungie.org-hosted Marathon sites, as well as important Marathon news from around the net (new sites online, updates on existing projects, etc). Got some Marathon news? Send it to us! We can be reached at marathon@bungie.org. Let the renaissance begin!
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