Jun 24, 2001

its a conspiracy, and everyone is apart of it

Well this would have been done last night but SOMEONE was blocking my internet connection. Probably those guys at the Scenario News. (their jealous because we're updateing more than them :-b)

Marathon's Story

Well really, I don't think you would want to read about a bunch of Halo news but the bit about the closing of the universe is nice. Last call before the end of the universe.

Marathon Archives

Gobs and gobs of map and such. Check it out, it will keep you up all night.

Scenario News

The fun never stops @ SN:

Battle Mage has some great new screenshots for us while Mike Walker give us a rundown about his new scenario...Clerks.Also Quinn from The Phantom Menace keeps us on our towes with yet another update and now a website.

Big House

Late Breaking News Flash!! Long time Big House resident Aurora is buying the v12 engine to continue their development. This is very unfortunate because they have been a part of the Marathon communty for a very long time. Find out more at there site. (this site will stay up till MacWorld Expo NY)

Jun 23, 2001

Not YOUR MOM's m.b.o.

I can't believe we overlooked this the other day! s.b.o has news about a Marathon level editor for MacOS X. This is good, good news.

Scenario News
More info and models from the Phantom Menace, the Marathon edition. Along with the opening of a web site for it. It's a little low on content right now, but over the next little while I'm sure it will gain in content and screen shots.

SNews also received word about a new scenario called "Clerks." Looks like a strange idea to me, head on over and see for yourself.

Jun 21, 2001

Perpare to sign your soul away.


Why would Bungie want Italy?? Maybe so they can go on all night spaghetti binges while get Halo ready to ship. Or maybe it is all part of their plan to take over the world. Either way check out the above link and sign it damn it!

Marathon's Story

The mysteries begin to unravel as the Story Forum starts to transcribe the Marathon and Marathon 2 notes from arrival.bungie.org.

Jun 20, 2001

m.b.o stops for no one!

Quick Update

This was extremely cool and I thought everyone must know about it straight away. The Orphanage has just put up some of the left overs from that little thing known as Rubicon.

That is all.

Jun 20, 2001

Another Day, Another Job...

The biggest news right now (rather big, but keep reading :) is that the source.bungie.org is looking for someone to resubmit something they sent in about a month ago as they've gone and lost it. If you're that person, please resubmit it.

The "Battle Mage" Marathon scenario... Is it dead or alive? It's the amazing Living Dead scenario! Scenario News receives an amazingly, umm... Strange letter from the projects creator. Also, some nice shots of a driod that will be in the upcoming "The Phantom Menace" scenario.

Oh, and all those silly little people who devoted all their time during the last few weeks can rest easily now as that pesky glyphs problem has been solved. In fact, we can all rest much easier with what's hiding at arrival.bungie.org. Enter "archive" and "outline" respectively in the text fields and feast your eyes on the never seen before 'thon goodness!

Jun 19, 2001

We keep going and going and...

Quick Update

I was just about to log out for the night when low and behold the Scenario News does an update. So being that we always want to be on the cutting edge of what is hip and happening here at bungie.org, here is the scoop... well maybe we will just let this little quote from Ross the guy behind Battle Mage do the talking.

"An open letter to the proverbial troll under the proverbial bridge running the show at Scenario News"

Head over to the Scenario News to read the rest of this rather "off the wall" letter to the um...troll.

Jun 19, 2001

Now we certainly wouldn't want that.

Marathon's Story

Halo and the Matrix? Tycho working for the NSA??? What next, peace talks with the Pfhor Empire?

Find out more at the story page


It seems that several scenarios are looking for a few good men, specifically drug users and Jedi. Sign up now.

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