Jul 5, 2001

We like the games, the games that go Blam!

Well that was a great Fourth, I came out with all my fingers intact. And now for some explosive Marathon News.

Marathon's Story

S'pht Doors in Monsters Inc., and missing webcam movies. Discover the tru7h.

The Archives

Four for the Fourth. Now here some great maps to celebrate with.

Scenario News

NO UPDATES SINCE THE 27TH!!!! Hey guys, the least you could do is make some news up:-)

Orbital Arm

Those guys sure are busy getting everything back online. They even have a new map. Keep up the good work.

Jul 4, 2001

It's my birthday, and I'll 'thon if I want to...

Marathon's Story
Robert Chrzanowski is still bringing out the weekly installments of the BungieCam movies. And Hamish provides us with some info on an interview with Alex Seropian.

Great news! Over 2,800 files from The Archives to the Lh'owon Archives. This completes the transfer process. The Battle Cat tells us more here. Oh, and they have a new poll up as well.

Jul 1, 2001

Time keeps on tick'n, tick'n, tick'n, into the future...

Don't be frightened because you see two updates, its not those drugs you just took, its not because you have been playing Rubicon for 78 hours straight, its a simple quirk of space and time.(and you thought it was something serious) You see, the first post you saw was done on the 30th, but on the other side of the world it was the 1st. So I figured that there was enough news today to warrant a second update while at the same time give you this little lesson in global time zones. Ok class, your dismissed.

Marathon's Story

Well Hamish is dipping into the pharmaceuticals again. Need we say more?


Any Evil Dead fans out there? Caleb Govostes is looking for some help with a total conversion that is truly evil.

The Orphanage

More Rubicon "hand-me-downs" in the form of a couple monster sprites. It won't be long before there is enough Rubicon stuff at the Orphanage to make Rubicon 2 "The Scrapyard".

Jul 1, 2001

Lusting after Your Mom since 1994.

Orbital Arm
Scott Snoblett brings us up to date on the long story of what's been going on with Orbital Arm. Now to see some real action there!

Marathon's Story
People are still goin' Bob spottin' and coming up with... Bobs! Along with the next batch of movies made from the BungieCam pictures. It's still happenin' at Marathon's Story.

Marathon's Source
Even without any recent builds of Aleph One, the CVS server is still seeing a lot of activity. And the Bloodhound map editor is coming along nicely as well.

Scenario News
It's always nice to get screen shots of scenarios that are still in progress.

Jun 28, 2001

i've got quake in my pants

Spoiler Guide
Alright... What's going on here?! This place gets a complete make over and now the Spoiler Guide gets an update? What's this? More updates to the SG will come along soon? Who let the rampant updaters in to b.org and when does the PiD page get a make over?

Mmmm... More Rubicon left overs. What else will show up at the Orphanage?

Pathways Into Darkness
Alright, a little bit off the beaten Marathon track but PiD gets updated sometimes too! Loren Petrich has been invading the privacy of the PiD shapes file recently and is now seeking help to further crack it.

Jun 26, 2001

Incoming Transmission... origin Battle Cat

Good news!! Battle Cat has sent us what hopfully will be one of many insane updates for his marathon page. Its a good thing too, being that there isn't much more happening here at m.b.o today.

Battle Cat's Marathon Stuff

Just when you thought it was safe to conquer a planet and enslave the occupants, John Sumner rides again! This is a D-Day Vidmaster film of the difficult "Plutonic Relationships" level fought with fists, a pistol and a couple captured Alien Weapons. Watch as John single-handedly knuckles the chitinous craniums of Troopers and Enforcers while dancing the Fandango around them. This is John. See John swim through lava. Swim John swim! Marvel as John gets his eager, wiggling little fanny whacked by a Blue Fighter just so he can get knocked up onto a high ledge to scarf some ammo. Now that is dedication above and beyond the call of Vidhood and to tell you the truth, I'm a little suspicious about that one. Anyway, John loves to get the monsters to fight each other so download John's D-Day Vidmaster film and see it done in style. Go to the Battle Cat's Marathon Page, click on the D-Day link on the left and scroll down to the bottom. Enjoy!

Marathon's Story

Yep, you wouldn't belive it, but all the story page has is more webcam photos. (I can feel the excitement welling up inside me:-) Once you're bored to death with today's story page update head over to the forum which is always a bastion of action, drama, and REALLY strange theories (like answering yesterdays question about the size of the story page).

Jun 25, 2001

What kind of witty line do you expect from a drunk seal eating a manwich anyway?

Marathon's Story
Alright, Hamish starts picking on the latest Halo update along with Robert Chrzanowski sending in this weeks Bungie Cam movies. And I propose the question "Just how big is the Marathon Story site all put together?"

Dietrich Epp has informed s.b.o that he's working improve the scenario file format. First up, is a tool to handle terminals much better. While I'm not totally sure what this means, I'm pretty sure it can only mean good things for developers of future scenarios.

Scenario News
Pfhorathon... Remember that name? Well, there's several updates over at SNews. And please, if you're a map maker atleast consider signing up to help out poor Hip. he's been doing the whole thing on his own so far and it would be great to have this scenario out finally.

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