Jul 18, 2001

*no cookies will actually be won or sent out, there is no competition, just keep moving

too many secrets...
Those blasted Marathon: Resurrection vidboi's are tempting as again with this forum post.

Durandal's Song
Yes, you heard right. Someone has constructed a song for Durandal. Go forth and learn the lyrics. First person to play the song with the new lyrics gets a cookie*.

Spoiler Guide
Two spoilers created... Both for the same scenario. Me thinks our SG updater needs some good rest and relaxation. Or he just really likes Trojan. The original spoiler that Mike Trinder created can be found here. The version that was created without looking first can be found here.

Jul 16, 2001

no! no! not the stapler! nooo!

Maratho's Story

More webcam mania as well as a cryptic message.

Marathon Resurrection

Three more pieces of mp3 goodness, and a great bit of flash. I hope the terminals or like that in the full game.


It looks like a new scenario called fury is in the work and they need your help.

Orbital Arm

More files are being uploaded as well as a netpack for your enjoyment.

Jul 15, 2001

i've got a lame one-liner with your name on it

Spoiler Guide
Wow. Another scenario gains entry into the Spoiler Guide. If you ever got stuck on Trojan, go check out where you went wrong.

Marathon Resurrection
The boy's over at Resurrection have provided us with a new poll. Go on over and vote, and no cheating by checking out the Story Page.

Orbital Arm
Got that Marathon 2 copy for Windows? Like to see some new maps for it? Head on over to the Orbital Arm and tell them what you'd like to see make it's way to WinM2.

Jul 14, 2001

Son of a S'pht!

Marathon's Story

Kick-ass blades and a Marathon Movie!!. What will they think up next?

Open Source

Loren Petrich has some news on a new build, and Open Source's Jesse is on vacation.

Scenario News

Decapitations and rampant drug usage; its times like this I wonder if they really are working on any scenarios over there.

Orbital Arm

Hey all you marathoners out there, Orbital Arm is now ready and waiting to be at your beckoned call in converting all those maps you "love and wish you could play".

Jul 11, 2001

Cast off thy sandal, follow the gourd!

In case you missed the news on the front page, Bungie.org now has shirts. So go and order 7 now.

Marathon's Story

Bernie Freidin Competition continues with interesting links.

Marathon Resurrection

Looks like some underhanded pimple poppers were snooping in M:R's net. Luckily it looks like everything's ok and even Durandal has given the go ahead to continue development.

Orbital Arm

Orbital Arm kicks out a map and a scenario. So get your butt over there and remember; always practice safe gaming.

That's it and don't forget to check out the forums.

Jul 9, 2001

Lets build small shiny robots that kill rodents!

News From A Far
Wow, I hadn't heard about this project in a long time. I even though they'd given up and disappeared. This mod had always interested me, and now they say they're close to releasing something? If you own a PC with Half-Life, you must check this mod out.

Johannes Gunnar alerts to his new 'thon site. Give it a look and see what you think.

Orbital Arm
OA is getting updated quite regularly now. They've even gone and mind warped an innocent victim into helping with OA updates.

Marathon's Story
This Bernie Freidin competition is still turning up some cool information. Just where do people get this from and how do they remember it?

Jul 7, 2001

the best things come in sevens

Quickie update

Marathon's Story

The 7 of the 7 and more.

Scenario News

a sad day for the marathon community

That's it... hey what did you expect, updates the size of War and Peace

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