Jul 30, 2001

Is life just a bowl of chilli?


I know, I know, this update is small. Perhaps your should all go out there and make some news for us to report ("frogblast the vent core!"). Or you could take this time to catch up on everything that is going on in our many forums. But if you still think our fan club isn't happen'n enough for ya, why don't you join this fan club.

Scenario News

A double header of Flatline news as those guys begin to develop a story line. Also Marathon: Infiltration has 6 new screen shots to feast your eyes on. All this and a bowl of chilli over at SN.

Jul 28, 2001

Marathon Resurrection kicks ass!!

Map of the Month

Well we now have a MOTM for May... in July:-) We now present to you Siam.

Marathon's Story

Marathon's Story has some links to several reactions to Marathon Resurection (which if you havn't already gotten it from the Evihcra server then you should)

Open Source

Forget Forge, now there is Pfhorge, a Aleph One Map editor for Mac OSX. Happy Happy Joy Joy

The Orphanage

A double scoop of orphanage goodness with a map of the National Recreational Properties filled with "Pfhor and Explodabobs" as well as some more sounds from the cutting room floor of Rubicon.

Jul 25, 2001

News at the speed of my fingers

Late Breaking News

Marathon Resurection beta is now available to download from Evihcra! This is great news so head over there and get now.

For hotline users go to hl.subnova.com and you can get it there as well.

Jul 24, 2001

Shutup, or your next.


The Marathon Films from the Lan party after Bungie Munchies are available on the subnova hotline (hl.subnova.com) server.

Open Source

The people at the open source are making major progress on both the Bloodhound map editor as well as the Aleph One save game editor.

Scenario News

A double dose of scenario news today starting with some upgrades to Killing Time. Also that scenario Flatline is under way now.

For their encore proformance they brought out news from a "mostly dead" scenario Gates of Fenris.

Jul 23, 2001

The shirts are on their way!!

Marathon's Story

Some interesting conversations over at the forum about landing on the moon.


A brand new treminal. Things are taking a turn for the worst. I could tell you more but that would spoil the surprise.

Scenario News

Some updates to two scenarios. A man with two staple guns; now thats cool.

Jul 21, 2001

If a tree falls on a mime and no one is around, does he scream?

Those blasted Resurrection vidboi's are good with the suspense. They've now come out with Terminal 2 but still haven't released the mod. But I have a feeling it's soon.

Scenario News...
SNews receives a small update about Muerte Machine and Marathon: Doomtrooper.

Jul 19, 2001

I want my. I want my. I want my borg t-shirt.

Open Source

Want to know how to compile Aleph One using Microsoft Visual C++? Well step this way.

Marathon Resurrection

Well thats just great. the whole freak'n universe is going to end, and I havn't seen every M*A*S*H* episoide. The clock is ticking people; only e15.193792102158E+9 years left.

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