Aug 19, 2001

Tomorrow is "Wear your borg t-shirt to work day"

Marathon's Story

It seems that the story page enjoys the torture of defenseless bugs like the Pfhor... oh wait don't we all:-)

Open Source

Wow! After a good period of little or no news on Aleph One, it seems they are totally swamped. Save games editors, map editors, SDL, and even 3D models. So get your butt over there and read all about it.

Scenario News

Marathon 1 is coming to Windows and Linux. I repeat, Marathon 1 is coming to Windows and Linux. Man your battle stations.

Orbital Arm

Windows users rejoice! OA has released a whole batch of maps from Dave Kozimor. Also, they are looking for some place to host the SDL files now that Electric Infinity is gone. Please help them.


It has been Seven months since someone has done a level vidmaster style, and this one comes from a new Vidmaster as well.

Aug 18, 2001

I'm back baby, I'm back!

After much trouble with my PowerBook, it's back from the shop and I'm all ready to pick up the slack from my time away from m.b.o.

Open Source
If you've downloaded the Mac build of Aleph One between now and the first of August and you had some problems getting it to run, download it again now as they've fixed up a few little bad MML and invisible file problems that caused it not to run.

Aug 15, 2001

A quiet day on the good ship Marathon

All is calm on the Marathon front. All except those work-a-holics that bring you all those great new scenarios. You got to hand it to them; It is scenario builders like you that have kept Marathon in my games folder all these years. Keep up the good work:-)

Scenario News

SN prints a letter from Dream from Deram requesting the assistants of a webmaster to give their site the energy it deserves. The fact that I couldn't get their site to load at all is proof that they need some help. Hey, goes to show that they're too busy churning out those maps.

Well I don't want to seal any more of SN's thunder so check out all the other news that brewing over there.

Aug 13, 2001

I think my browsers laughing at me

I swear, if Netscape crashes again, I'm going to shove a SPNKR down its throat. So here is the "I need to go to bed, so don't push me" update.

Marathon's Story

Hamish has updated the Past from the Past page

Scenario News

THREE scenarios updated this week! One even has a test level.


HTML good buddy, The Dream From Deram is looking to get someone to fix up their site. Consider it your good deed for the year.

Map of the Month

MOTM continues to amaze us. June's Map in August?!?!? Whatever, Its a cool map so go and get it now.

Aug 8, 2001

and where the hell have YOU been??

Marathon's Story

Hunters in Halo? or maybe not.

Open Source

Make your Monsters think. Now thats a scary thought. Also Open Source reports that Craig Caroon's Electric Infinity has closed down:-(

Scenario News

SN give us the low down on Marathon Cerberus' new sceenshots...(yawn)


Blam! Marathon Cerberus is not only on SN but they are also featured on Recruits for help from some map-makers and beta-testers.

Aug 3, 2001

Relive the dream.

M1A1 - The Past Comes Alive

To many, the original Marathon was the The One; the hook that caught the cheek, the needle that sank deep. The series moved on, and the technology got better - the screen got larger, the weapons list grew, the possibilities increased... but that first Marathon had something that nothing since has matched. Now, thanks to the efforts of a dedicated band of zealots, you can recapture that magic, but with the addition of all the bells and whistles that time has added - the M1A1 project brings you the original Marathon using the Aleph One engine. Go get it - you know you want it.

Aug 2, 2001

...the night time is the right time... the night time is oh, sorry.

Doughnut sent me word that his Computer is broken, so that means you get to read my worthless prattle that much longer .

Marathon's Story

A lot of discussion going on at the Story Page about the Halo backstory. Maybe we should start calling them the Halo story page?!?!?!

Open Source

Several new updates to the Macintosh Version of A1. The best improvement I think is the ability to quit. You might find that handy sometime. Although, why would you want to quit marathon??


Three new solo maps for you to sink your teeth into. Remember to chew with your mouth closed.


Aftermath is in need of a texture artist. So if you like to texture anything and everything, contact them lickety-split.

Orbital Arm

Well if you are one of those unlucky PC users and only get to play M2, then your in luck. OA has a new solo map for you. Yeah, we like to throw them windoze users a bone or two every once and a while just to keep them from yapp'n too much.

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