Sep 8, 2001

Have funny ? please send!

Open Source
Loren Petrich has added QuickDraw 3D models into Aleph and will have it for us in his next build. Derf has a tutorial now available on how to add polygonal inserts to Aleph One levels.

Marathon's Story
What is this "summer vacation" and much longer will it go on?

The Archives
The Yota Saga, Part 1 has just come in. This is the first part of a 20 level scenario that the author will be releasing over a long period of time.

Sep 5, 2001

Bring your sacrifices to the Temple of Marathon.

Open Source

It seems like we are getting closer and closer to fully modernizing the Marathon engine. Boy, I bet the guys at Bungie never thought they would see the day Marathon looked like this.

Marathon Resurrection

19,648 people can't be wrong. If you havn't gotten this Unreal Tournement MOD, 19,648 raving Marathon Fans and I really think you should.


Several new maps are now available for download. I have tried several of them and they are quite good especially the one with falling snow.

Sep 3, 2001

vidmasters, kills pfhor dead

Story Page
The Story Page has closes down for a well deserved summer holiday until the 19th. But the story forum is always up.

Open Source
Loren has finished adding 3D model support into Aleph One. Now he's working on adding QuickDraw 3D models as he's already added support for .3DS.
Christian Bauer has complied a new SDL release of Aleph One. That means that all those Linux Aleph'ers that have been playing on the same version since January 28 can now enjoy some of the new stuff since then.

Vidmasters never die... They just submit new films that are extremely long and stylish. Dr. John Sumner sends in a film of "Begging For Mercy Makes Me Angry!" that is an incredible 1:04:42 long.

Aug 30, 2001

You! ... Off my planet!

Story Page
"Duality" is back. But this time from a Spanish team and a different story? I don't care what you say, just doesn't seem right. The Story Page has a little bit more on the subject.
And what's Doug Zartman up to these days?
Loren Petrich provides the open source community with another of his updates on how 3D models and the lighting of 3D models in Aleph is going.

Marathon Jigsaw is now available for download. I'll be giving this one a run through just as soon as is physically possible on this 56k dial up.

Aug 27, 2001

Marathon it keeps going and going and going.

Marathon's Story

Imagine, there are some people who actually still play Marathon 2. No no, I'm serious. If you don't believe me, just take a look at the story page.

The Orphanage

More bug killing in real world buildings. hmm, I wonder what it would be like if the Pfhor invaded Earth?

Aug 24, 2001

i am the auto rock

Ian Rickard (the one responsible for implementing bridges) has provided us with another build that includes a number of new things. But I'll let s.b.o tell you all about that.
Also, "Pfhorge" is coming along well according to the long well. Which is great to hear.
Rampancy, the monster AI programming not the other things, is coming along well. s.b.o has an overview of how it works.

The Archives
New stuff at the archives, yay! New stuff for 'thon is always fun. Keep 'em coming!

Scenario News
Mmm... SNews. Unfortunately, a scenario has died. Demeter, we hardly knew thee. But on the good side, Flatline is still around and has provided us with screen shots.

Aug 22, 2001

sometimes, s'pht happens...

Not much to update about today, but there's always plenty of action around in the forums. Check them out please.

Story Page
An AI earlier then the 24th century? Quite possible.
Robert Chrzanowski provides us with the last of his Bungie Webcam movies as he's dedicating himself to his studies more now. All his past contributions can be found here.

Marathon Dissent
Dissent recieved a small update. This brings it up to 1.2. Check out the site for more details on it.

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