Oct 1, 2001

The coolest game since Where's Waldo... its Who's Hamish.

Marathon's Story

Well slap me on the wrist and call me a Pfhor lover. It seems like we really have been neglecting the Story Page lately. Halo timelines, Apple/Marathon references, and a true Marathon survivor; can we be any more insensitive to the needs of the Marathon community? Let me make it up to you by swearing on the head of my bald uncle Walter (who's concept of fun by the way, is sitting on the back porch and watching the bugzapper. Insectial carnage via electrocution, now thats my kind of guy) that we will not miss any more Story Page news (at least not for a few weeks).

Open Source

Two more high-resolution textures are available via the Texture Enhancement Pack for all you "High-Resolution Pfhor Ass Kickers"

Marathon : Resurrection

Resurrection's consumer confidence is at a all time high (unlike our stock market). They seem to have this funny notion that M:R beta 1.1 will be out before Halo. Kids these days.

Marathon : Arena

An eerie message stating that M:A is still alive. Wait! Whats that noise?!?!

Scenario News

WOW! I ask for status reports and it seems like everyone is getting their butts in gear. SN has done some long needed house cleaning and threatens more if we don't see some progress from you lazy scabs. Also Gates of Fenris and Aftermath check in with how they are doing.

Sep 29, 2001

there will a test on this later

The Archives
This is a little community announcement, sorta. As it turns out there's some 200 odd unlooked at maps currently living at the Archives. I'll tell you what... If you come across one of these maps and tell us m.b.o folks about it, I'll put your name up here on this page. It's not as good as a cookie, but your name will be immortalised in the m.b.o news archive for a very long time.

Now, on to the real news on the archives...

The Yota Saga is now at part 3. This one is released earlier then originally planned because the 4th chapter will take a bit longer to complete. An old map from the 1997 Bungie Map Making Contest has surfaced again, this time with a description check out the Magic Waters. Vilcabamba is a one level scenario with custom shapes. Lots of puzzles in this one.

swen oiranecS
It's great hearing from all these scenarios that we thought once dieing or just never heard from. "AwN KrAk" has been changed to "krAk h3dz Guide to the Galaxy."

M1A1 is still going strong and trying to get in touch with a couple of their people, but work is still being done on it.

Sep 25, 2001

send us money

The Archives
Well, it's been two weeks. Do any of you remember what was said would happen every two weeks? No, not a trip to the chocolate factory, but rather a new level for the Yota Saga. Yay!

Sometimes something comes along that's so incredible, so fundamental to the development of our culture, that to ignore it would be tantamount to basting our heads in chicken's blood, and reciting "the Vidmaster Challenge" over a bon fire of Microsoft Internet Explorer discs (in other words, we would have to be out of our minds). What I am referring to is in fact a historic look at how it all began for two unsuspecting college age boys in the great city of Chicago. You will have a first hand look at their humble beginnings as well as the inside scoop during their rise to stardom. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Sit back and prepare yourselves for a very special "VH1's Behind The Music: MARATHON"

Scenario News
After a little encouragement, Flatline, Giotto Island, and the Phantom Menace have all handed in a status report of their project since the last time they handed in a status report. Some sort of pattern emerging here...

Story Page
After the little "slip" by a certain parent company, avid Storians are attempting to find links between Halo's back story and Marathon's. This is going to be a fun ride.

Sep 23, 2001

A big 'your mom!' to all the guys at hl.subnova.com.

Scenario News

Flatline checks in with some news and a plea for help. Hey being that the scenario news has been pretty dry lately, I have an idea. I think all the scenarios should "check in" and give a status report just to let us know they are still ticking. What do ya say? Lets hear from you.

Sep 22, 2001

home of humor impaired alien invaders

Marathon's Story
Alright, so this isn't major Marathon news, but knowing the full Halo backstory before we were supposed to is damn good on it's own.

You've one day left to vote on the m.e.c poll about "what is your favourite text set to build with or fight in?" I've voted, now it's your turn!

Sep 18, 2001

marathon! where are you?

Open Source

Both ShapeFusion and the Carbon version of A1 get updated while Loren Petrich tells us the tale of how 3d model support is coming along.


Marathon Leviathan and The Museum are dead in the water... that is without you. Strap on your fully automatic level editor, and lend a hand, or two, or three. How ever many you have.

The Orphanage

Ever wanted to make swiss cheese out of the spider-like monster in the Marathon Alpha? Now your chance to put this little bugger in his place; right in your scenario.

Sep 11, 2001

...a day which shall live in infamy.

Scenario News

Portal of Sigma is nearly done. Also we are deliberately ignoring a particular new scenario that we just aren't going to talk about.


Several project are looking for YOU to help, especially in the music department. Dust off those synths and get crack'n.

Orbital Arm

OA steps up to the pulpit about todays events.

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