Nov 4, 2001

Eat Blazing Electric Death! -Jessikai

Marathon's Story

Discussion contiunes on the connection between Halo and Marathon. At least that has something to do with Marathon:-)

Open Source

As is typical for the new OSX, things are not always what you would expect. It seems that the new build of the classic app runs better than the carbonized one. They even have a spiffy screenshot of it running the little window in the background. With all the trouble I have been having working with the carbon version this update is a god sent.

Scenario News

We get the low down on 6, count them 6 scenarios. That update took up that gapping hole in the middle of the page. To even give you a run down on what is going on would take up way to much room on is page so I thing you should beam on over to the scenario side of the planet.

Nov 2, 2001

The Loss of a Legend

This news is 2 days old now, but it's still important. Some of you may have noticed that the Evihcra Network is no longer responding. Here is the official word from Fm, the man behind the family of file archives:
The Public Archive Network is experiencing difficulties that has resulted in a temporary loss of service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing our users but this is as temporary as it is unavoidable. Please be patient and we will be back online as soon as possible.
This affects a number of sites:
  • The Lh'owon Ar'kives provided a home to all Marathon-related files, including a number of categories not covered by the Archives, as well as user-written reviews.
  • The Mill was the ONLY truly comprehensive Myth file archive on the net.
  • The Liandri Depot was by far the biggest site for downloading betas from the Marathon: Resurrection mod for Unreal Tournament.
  • Fm had stated that a new site, dedicated to Halo mods, would go live as soon as content for it was available.
The loss is huge, and will be felt strongly by the entire community. Hopefully, the downtime can be held to a minimum.

Oct 26, 2001

i like cake

The BattleCat Has Something To Say...
What does 7 pounds of spontaneous butt putty have in common with stainless steel plate, the Japanese Imperial Air Force and Marathon net play technique? In general these and other deep mysteries of life are all answered at the Battle Cat's Marathon page. In particular I am referring to a Marathon net film showing the spectacular survival of a surgically altered net player from a direct hit by a SPNKR. You can view this and other films of Marathon's double takes, glitches and hiccups on the Weird Science page. Look for "Weird Science 22" down at the bottom of the Weird Science page. FIXED are the broken links to films 20 and 21, my apologies to all for that one, the guilty party is STILL being whipped with a rat whiz soaked Pfhor Staff even as you read this. (...and YES it makes it hard to type this @#$%^&*! announcement!!) Check out this amazing film sent in by a Marathon fan then send me your own Weird Science film!

The Archives
After you've sent the BattleCat some funky stuff, get on over to and try out the spiffy 12 level Aleph scenario.

Marathon Arena
That is all.

Oct 23, 2001

Oh where, Oh where, has the Doughnut gone?

Marathon's Story

Well looky here, Hamish is going on vacation. What is a fan to do?

Open Source

OSX users rejoice! Loren Petrich has updated the OSX version of Aleph One. This new version has squashed several big bugs. Also there is a new version of Pfhorge. Now we can open and close maps, Yeah!

Marathon Ressurection

Beta 1.1 is now available. As the web site says, "Don't waste your time reading this post - go download it!"

Scenario News

"Pfhor Scenarios, Pfhor Websites" this the title (well sort of). Lots of little goodies and tidbits to sink your teeth into.

The Orphanage

This is really cool. Raúl Bonilla from the M1A1 project has given the Marathon community a long needed addition. Well I would tell you what it is, but those guys at the The Orphanage always have a way with words.

Oct 14, 2001

A rose by any other name has fewer dead BOBs --Eon

The Archives

Three new maps to get you through a boring weekend. A couple of these are pretty hard.


Today history has been made. Someone has completed The Rose using no bullets and saving 20 bobs. He also has some great films for many of the other levels on Marathon 1. Everyone give a round of applause to Jeffrey (Sidoh) Lindquist, a true vidmaster.

Oct 12, 2001

Johannes Gunnar iz da /\/\4|\|

Marathon: Resurrection
MacGamer have an interesting round of Q&A on this great MOD. Also, Beta 1.1 has been release. Find about more right about... Here.

Scenario Newz
Good to see a lot of scenario's are still giving a regular update. Including one that was, apparently, never really a scenario.

There is no more.

Oct 5, 2001

Quick! Don't ask questions, just give me your pants!

This furball was found on my shoe after a certain cat walked by...

"The Weird Science department of the Battle Cat's Marathon Page gets an update! 2 new films, numbers 20 and 21, have been added to an already impressive line up of films highlighting the weird glitches and paranormal physics of Marathon. This is a red letter day for those who are foil-centric amongst us as foil is involved in BOTH films... coincidence or conspiracy... YOU decide. Marvel at the newest theory behind Cyborg levitation and witness (at your own peril) the incredibly painful micro-teleportation effect! If you survive, TELL YOUR FRIENDS to have a look, then simper like an idiot as they fall to the floor writhing in unspeakable empathic agony. Show up to help punch holes in the ozone with a can of Miss Clairol Extra Hold hair spray or to dilatorily disrobe a pert chocolate breast but whatever you do, show up and have a gander at what THEY don't want you to know.

Go to and click on the Weird Science link on the left, scroll down to films 20 and 21.
Double dog dare ya."

News of the Scenario Kind
Gates of Fenris has been keeping us well informed about what's going on. Hopefully the few scenarios that remain to twitch when we poke them will... Well... Twitch.

Got news? Mail us!