Nov 22, 2001

Halo for Aleph One...Sure

Marathon's Story

The story page has some great insights into Marathon Infinity as well as some 7s.


Scott Noblitt has released a very interesting KOTH map. I found it very entertaining.

Open Source

Two words...Holy Crap! check out what those guys are doing to the Aleph One engine. Its sure looks a lot different from those dark and twisting hallways that were only a mask of 3d.

Scenario News

Well looky here SN has the lown down on three scenarios, one of them new.

Nov 18, 2001

You're more likely to see a meteor hit a cow than to see another update to Scenario News. - Orochi Bachus

Marathon's Story

Voulunteers continue as several people make some very interesting observations about Marathon Infinity


Kevin Colson is looking for some help on making some new monsters, weapons, and units. If you think you got some good ideas send him a message.

Scenario News

WARNING! WARNING! Shameless plug in effect. I repeat Eternal has high res textures for the water and sewer environments. ( if you havn't heard, I am now the man in charge of finishing up the Eternal project). Ok it safe to come out now.

Nov 16, 2001

Stop reading this and go!

It has arrived...

Nov 14, 2001

Free Crack Pipes at every forum!

Marathon's Story
Aie Mak Sicur gets a run through by Mark Levin. Another great read.

The Archives
5 new Chisel plugins are now available for download. These are great plugins that every mapper should at least download and have a look at. Well? What are you still doing here? Get over there and look at these plugins!
At the moment, a bunch of Australian Bungiefen are planning a FanFest to be held in NSW. Most of the planning is taking place on the bs forums. So, if you're an Australian and looking' for some FanFest action register your interest over at that forum.

Nov 9, 2001

"...9.6, a score not easily achieved..."

Prepare yourself for some old school Bungie-style gaming! Introducing the beta version of Marathon|Rampancy, a mod for Unreal Tournament based on the multiplayer part of Bungie's classic FPS game, Marathon Infinity. Marathon|Rampancy includes all new weapons, new physics, and 10 gametypes to choose from. Also included are about a dozen converted maps by the Frogblast team and BDB's MapVote utility.

New since the alpha release (almost a year ago) are a set of redesigned weapons, a marine model, the previously missing weapons, and several new gametypes such as King of the Hill, Roving Hill, Kill The Man With The Ball, and Tag. Hereěs a quick rundown:

Kill the Man With the Ball: Pretty much sums it up. The ball physics add a large twist to the game since it can be punched, shot, and blasted around.

Tag: Donět let the guy who's it kill ya, and don't kill him or suicide.

King of the Hill: Old school Marathon at it's best. Well suited for 3-8 players.

Roving King of the Hill: Inspired by Perfect Dark's gametype and based on domination maps. Will probably play much better once Rampancy specific maps are made for it. (Any volunteers?)

CTF: Includes a variable flag drop time. Plays best with smaller maps, long flag-stay times, and a large number of players. The enemy flag can be capped at any time regardless of the friendly flag's status to improve the flow of the game.

Also included are Domination, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, and Assault.

Nov 8, 2001

and is...?

Orbital Arm
This updated was missed at the actual time it was done. But OA has been updated... Go forth and read!

Open Source
Cranberry 2.0 preview 7 has been released. s.b.o has all the details on this release. Along with those details, s.b.o also has the new Texture Enhancement Pack for A1.

I can't forget an update on the progress of getting network play to work again. Actually... It's quite a large update on the network progress. Worth a read, if you understand that technical stuff.

Story Page
Mark Levin provides us with Volunteers: Ne Cede Malis. Really is worth the read. Just a little bit of Halo backstory is up for reading as well... Just a little bit, though.

Nov 5, 2001

I'm believer

Marathon Story

A look at the forum will win you a collection of excellent reading in the form of the Volunteers. These people (Mark Levin mostly) are really keeping of the vigil. If you enjoy taking a look back at these three wonderful games, be sure to post a few levels your self. Also check out the forum for a chance to see Duality's website through the ages. You know, this is more fun than a barrel of exploding ticks.


The Yota Sage continues as installment pfhor busts in and breaks things. If you havn't been following this game then you really need to get your priorities strait. Also we have a new Tempus Solo map; a throw back to the map making contest.


Distortia is looking to recruit some of you talented Marathon Magic makers.

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