Jan 11, 2002

Hi Mom!

I'm taking a minute to give all you guys a big wave from MacWorld Expo in San Fransisco. I am sending this update from one of the many new iMacs in the Apple booth.

P.S. Myth III is cool:-)

Nathan "I won a 60 GB hard drive" Kline:-)

Jan 9, 2002

here kitty-kitty-kitty-kitty-kitty...

And Now, A Word From A Kitty...
The Battle Cat's Marathon Page gets an update in the Related Humor department which now features the traditional "Christmas Aboard the Marathon" gag that has been going on for 7 years. The 3 step evolution of the gag is showcased, and as a special treat, a cartoonist by the name of Benjamin 'Rincewind' Riley has created a 2 page graphic depicting the most current incarnation of the gag. Check it out!

Jan 8, 2002

In case you dont have enough stuff on your hard drive...

Marathon Rampancy Are you a Half-life fan?? Are you a Marathon fan??? Well then this is probably for you. The folks at Marathon Rampancy have released a early build of their Half-life Mod. While I can say much for the game play of it (I dont have Half-life) the screenshots look great so do yourself a favor and get it.

Jan 8, 2002

Just put the presents next to the plasma rifles

Gather around the cake and watch as Bungie.org blows out the three flame throwers mounted on top. Yes, thats right, B.org is three years old as of the 6th. Grab a glass of punch and enjoy the festivities. A lot has changed since I came to frequent such sites as the Marathon Story Page and the Archives, but one thing hasn't; the never ending dedication to the fans of Bungie games by faithful workers of B.org like Claude and Hamish.

Well I'm no good at emotional speeches so without further ado, our regularly scheduled program.

Open Source

While Aleph One has brought the Marathon engine leaps on bounds from its humble beginnings back in the early 90s, one thing that has been severely lacking is the availability of editors (map and shapes) that can take advantage of the many new features in A1. We have found hacks and workarounds in order to add these bells and whistles, but to have editors would greatly assist scenario developers. Tito Dal Canton is making a large contribution to this cause with his Shapes editor Shapefusion. head over to the Open Source page and pick up the latest version of his editor.

Scenario News

So please tell me; has every scenario developer gone and thrown themselves out windows in frustration over Anvil crashing of some annoying A1 bug? You would think so because if you swing over to the scenario news page, you will find a big pile of nothing where you should see news. I am sure you guys can scrape together some semblance of news for the site. Anyway, will all those scenario makers who have not slit their wrists in despair please give us an update to let us know you are still alive. Thank you

Dec 31, 2001

bad beer = s00k

egap yrots
Thomas, one cleaver little 'thoner, has discovered the initials of Mark Bernal in the alien "pull switch" of Marathon 2. The Story Page has more on that.

ecruoS nepO
A new version of Aleph One for Macintosh was released. Also Pfhorge 0.40 is out. I trust you will all go and check these both out.

Part 7 of the Yota Saga is the newest item at The Archives. Filled again with fancy lighting and tricks.

Dec 19, 2001

poor chia... get well soon

tBC's Christmas Message To All
As usual around Christmas time when there is a war, the soldiers will sometime lay down their arms and come together for a moment in warmth and peace. Such a thing happened on board the Marathon today. Silent Night was playing over the intercom system during a lull in the fighting. I happened upon a squad of Pfhor projectile fighters led by a Purple Trooper. An odd thing happened, we just looked at each other, no one powered up their weapons. I slowly took my hand from the grip of my holstered .44 Magnum. The Trooper stepped forward and offered his hand saying gently, "Uhh er uhh ahhhh". This was an awkward moment for us both. Soon we were all singing carols and sipping eggnog. I reached into a side flap of an ammo pouch, found my lucky Bhanta foot and gave it to the Trooper. In kind he gave me a small cylinder with a blinking light. It was magical, and as he turned to rejoin his squad of blue fighters a light bulb lit up in his dim little pinhead. After 6 years of repeatedly playing the same level in the same map he finally realized I was going to spin around any moment and plant a rack of SPNKRs into his stinking butt crack.

Quickly he barked a command to his corporal and the Pfhor squad opened fire. A grenade lifted my feet from the deck plating making me an easy target for the fighter staff's energy bolts to pin me against the bulkhead. The trooper charged with his battle rifle spewing metal slugs into my twitching, jerking form. Helplessly I fumbled for a weapon as I watched my shield bar rapidly slide from half yellow, to red, to nothing. As my lifeless battle helmet sank to the deck and recorded the scene, the squad of Pfhor fighters pulled down their pants and slid back and forth across the room in my gore on their naked butts. Where's that damn action key!

Merry Christmas everyone and happy CARNAGE in the new year!

Gary Simmons
the Battle Cat

Dec 17, 2001

Fear the Mullet!

Scenario News

Marathon Beyond has a web site now where we can read their many interesting plot... heck, you can even vote for one. They have anything you want from big-hair rockers to bruce lee style kung-fu fighting. Now that I have your attention go see what I am talking about and be sure to vote on one of those plot lines.

Open Source

While fixing a few bugs in the code of the carbonized verison of A1, Alexander Strange discovered a possible clue to a "bungie game that never was." if you are one of those conspiracy people, I think you should read this.


Yota Sage part 6 is here and let me tell you; its never to late to get into this series.

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